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What’s it like to work on gong’s Customer Success team?

“This is a place where people want more. People want to be surrounded by really good energy. You want to join something like this!”
Sunny Huang
Senior Strategic CSM

What’s it like to work on gong’s SALES team?

“The speed to learning how businesses function, because of the kinds of conversations we get to have at Gong, it's like getting your Masters degree.”
Sarah Brazier
Senior Commercial AE

What’s it like to work on gong’s Marketing team?

“It's fun to be part of a Marketing org that really challenges conventional wisdom.”
Patricia Bautista
Senior Customer Marketing Manager

What’s it like to work on gong’s G&A team?

“I wanted to learn how to be a great leader from great leaders.”
Kavita Patel
Legal Counsel

operating principles

When it comes to company values, we might be the first team ever where our Gongsters actually walk the talk. In fact, they even made a video about our operating principles, and how it’s caused them to "hate" working at Gong. (JK. They adore it!)

gongsters everywhere agree

Our employee satisfaction is known all over the world.

gongsters everywhere agree

Our employee satisfaction is known the world over.

Named great place to work for 3 years

But don't just take our word for it. More than 2,000 customers gave Gong a five-star rating.

But don't just take our word for it. Over 2000+ customers rated Gong 5-stars.


Feel welcomed when they join


Customer rated across G2 crowd


CEO approval rating

belong at gong

Gong is taking action to create genuine, meaningful change in the diverse representation of our workforce, sense of inclusion in our workplace, and equity in our communities. Gongsters are encouraged to join a Gong Circle — a self-organized, employee-run community focused on advancing a sense of belonging.  We are committed to creating visibility, safety, and inclusion for all. That’s true whether it’s our (S)Hero events that celebrate women in tech or mentoring non-traditional candidates to access a tech career path.

Asian @ Gong

The Asian @ Gong Circle provides a safe environment for members to share and reflect on experiences both unique and varied to the Asian community, and helps drive professional development opportunities for Asian people at Gong. This Circle helps create a collective voice to promote anti-racism within Gong and our communities.

Latin X

Gong develops a nurturing and empowering community for employees who identify as "LatinX" through professional development and social networking activities. By doing so, we hope to create a supportive environment for this community, and increase recruitment, retention, and the promotion of LatinX staff.

Proud Gongsters

Proud Gongsters brings together and recognizes LGBTQIA+ employees in a positive and non-judgmental environment — where they can fully express their individuality, share their experiences, and feel safe in a community that is void of discrimination, prejudice, and inequality. This community strives to reduce any feelings of isolation by promoting tolerance and acceptance, leading to a safe work environment for all LGBTQIA+ identifying individuals.

The NeighborHood

The Neighborhood helps shed light on current events and historical milestones impacting Black Gongsters and the broader community. This Circle gives individuals a safe space to talk about internal and external challenges they face, while also allowing members the opportunity to educate fellow Gongsters.

Women at Gong

Through our WMN@Gong efforts, we provide a safe space for professional development, advocacy, and solidarity. This Circle encourages and builds confidence for the Women at Gong to shatter the glass ceiling both inside and outside of the workplace.

gong for good

Join us and help shape our future

We believe we can make a difference in our workplace, our communities, and the world, by following these principles:

Give back We will use our expertise and resources to support underserved groups in the local communities in which we live and work.
Help others climb the ladder We will champion and mentor talent from non-traditional backgrounds to access successful career opportunities.
Promote a fairer world We will celebrate and encourage the expression of individuality by our team members, and will treat each team member faily and respectfully.

We commit to do our part in making the world a better place by leading by example, being active, and taking a stand.

Lead by example We will cultivate a workplace that promotes and implements Gong for Good principles at all levels.
Be active We will allocate time, talent, and resources to promote Gong for Good initiatives.
Take a stand We will stand up and express our voice publicly to support causes that promote Gong for Good principles, and object to initiatives that go against them.

Benefits of being a gongster

You get the works, and then some.

Health & Wellness

  • Mental health support resources
  • Weekly wellness events
  • Work from home stipend

Paid Time Off

  • Generous vacation days
  • Quarterly recharge company shutdowns
  • Parental leave

Financial Well-being

  • Employee equity
  • Retirement savings & financial coaches
  • Commuter & parking benefits

Professional Development

  • Training & learning programs
  • Monthly lunch & learns
  • Mentor & buddy programs

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