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Revenue Intelligence 101: 4 Workflows To Supercharge Your Marketing Team

Revenue Intelligence

Ahhh … Revenue Intelligence.

We love that phrase. 

Heck, Gong has been in the Revenue Intelligence game since it started in 2019.

But what exactly is Revenue Intelligence and why it is an essential tool for any B2B company to be using? And how can teams other than sales benefit from actionable customer data and insights? 

Let’s start from the top.

What is Revenue Intelligence?

Revenue Intelligence is the new way of operating based on customer reality instead of opinions.

Revenue Intelligence is what we do here at Gong; we created the category!

Feel free to browse our product page for the full breakdown, but the short version is this: 

Gong captures and analyzes customer interactions and alerts you to risks and opportunities across your business.

Our Revenue Intelligence software helps with: 

  • Coaching: Share your top performers’ playbooks with the entire team so everyone can charge toward closed-won.
  • Onboarding: Get your new reps up to speed and closing deals faster than you can say “closed-won.”
  • Strategic Initiatives: Launch wildly successful products, programs, and initiatives that are adopted, adapted, and reinforced.

Sounds like an excellent solution for sales teams, right? Definitely, but it’s not JUST for sales (as evidenced by the title of this page).

Just For Sales? Nope. Here’s How Marketing Teams Can Win More With Revenue Intelligence

Revenue Intelligence indeed, 100%, without a doubt in the world, helps sales teams.

But … other teams can benefit from the data and insight (aka, Revenue Intelligence) Gong provides. Specifically for marketing teams, Gong helps to:

✅Hear the voice of the customer

✅Understand what happens to leads in the funnel (Demand Generation teams)

✅Monitor how new messaging is landing in the field (Product Marketing teams)

Let’s review a few workflows that are proven to get more about of Gong’s Revenue Intelligence platform..

Marketing Workflow #1: Find relevant conversations to answer your questions

Marketers have questions … questions that require answers.

But where do you find the answers to your burning questions? Prospects. Customers. Humans that are (or will be soon) using your product or service. They have the answers!

These answers can provide really good content -— blog posts, articles, LinkedIn posts, eBooks, and so on.

You’ll want to spend your time on the Gong Calls page to find those relevant conversations.

revenue intelligence for product marketing

The Calls page is like a big search engine for all your prospect and customer calls.

So let’s say you want to see how your customers are talking about one of your competitors … you just type in that competitor’s name in the “words” field and hit enter.


You can now see a subset of when someone mentioned that competitor. Bonus: We also provide a trend over time (raw number or percentage of mentions). From the high-level graph, you can quickly identify, well, trends — are mentions going up, down, or staying steady?

Dig into the details a bit, and Gong will display precisely where in the call that competitor was mentioned (we even color code the mentions for customer vs. internal employee).

This is where it gets fun.

Advanced search. We don’t really care when someone from our team mentioned the competition, just when our customer talked about them.

Even deeper? Filters. Only review mentions … 

  • In a specific period (quarter, month, week, last 30 days, custom)
  • In a particular stage in the funnel (discovery, meeting, presentation, etc.)
  • And so on.

And now it’s time to share. Don’t keep all of that intel to yourself. Share the entire call or just a snippet where the competitor is mentioned — your call (no pun intended). You can also share this call with people in your organization or with those at another company.

You can even leave comments (to yourself, a team member, or someone else) on particular call snippets. We find users often leave themselves notes in specific areas within a call to easily find them later (think hashtags).

Once you have found what you are looking for, it’s time to add ‘em to the library.

Marketing Workflow #2: Create a library of competitive calls

It’s time to create (or add to) the library.

You may want to add calls (or call snippets) to your library for a few reasons: 

  1. Easily reference them later
  2. Share best practices
  3. Share not-so-best practices

This is so important for sales enablement, sales coaching, onboarding, and ongoing training. In addition, libraries can be beneficial when a new product is released, or your team is doing some beta testing.

The library also helps teams organize research. Folders. Subfolders.

It’s as simple as clicking the “Add to Library” button. Easy! From there, choose which folder you’d like to place it in. Organization is essential here!

You can even add a note to the call you’ve just placed in your library folder. Or, if easier, just save the specific snippet.

Marketing Workflow #3: Use their words and then find the WOW moments

Right people at the right time with the right message.

That’s marketing in a nutshell.

Gong can help. We call it the “use their words” workflow.

The goal is to dig into various calls to better understand how customers are speaking about different parts of their job … the parts your service or product is trying to solve for.

Example: Let’s say your platform helped with sales coaching (wait, sales coaching is something  Gong helps with!). On the Gong Calls page, you would type “sales coaching” in the “words” field. Protip: Filter to only show mentions from “other party” (aka, your customer).

Once you have the results, it’s time to start looking for “interesting moment” in the conversation. Scan the calls (and their respective snippets).

But more interesting than interesting moments are WOW moments.

You can search “wow” type words (cool, wow, neat, amazing, best”). In some instances, the prospect may actually include the word wow. Example: “I shared this with our CEO, and she was like, ‘Wow. This is really cool. This is a really amazing platform.”

Looking for hints on what is worth sharing with your team << spend more time on this content and less on the boring stuff. Obvious, right?

The ability to click into any call to confirm the specifics is just icing on the cake.

And all this chatter is good fodder for a new piece of content. Marketing win.

Here is a real example that we used here at Gong when our Series D raise was announced. We created this 59-second “announcement” video that only used real customer audio snippets.

marketing customer calls video

Real customers. 

Real demos.

“This is pretty awesome. I’m about to give you a hug.”

“Wow. That is cool. That is really cool, man.”

“Oh wow … okay.”

“Nothing we’ve experienced before.” 

“I already see the value of this, 30 seconds into the demo.”

“You might be getting marriage proposals from all of us. I‘m just saying.”

“I have tears in my eyes right now. It’s just so beautiful.”

That’s a campaign you can replicate.

Marketing Workflow #4: Competitor buy-back campaigns

The goal of a competitor buy-back campaign is to bring in accounts that are similar to yours but are currently using a competitor.

While you can look at any recordings on the Gong Calls page, you are going to get the most effective results by adding in the CRM filter of “Closed-Lost” (or whatever you call lost deals).

Next: Export the data as a CSV and (wait for it … ) cross-reference this data with various other sources and get a pretty definitive list of competitor accounts. Next to breaking into your competitor’s system and stealing their customer data (no, we don’t advocate for that), this “using Gong to craft your competitor buy-back campaign is the next best thing!

You will have a good indication of when to reach out (when is the renewal date?). Then it’s just a matter of what effort (and $$) you want to put behind your outreach efforts.

Your sales team will thank you.

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