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Introducing: Call Spotlight, a generative AI revolution for revenue teams

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I am thrilled to introduce Call Spotlight, Gong’s newest capability. It revolutionizes how revenue teams harness generative AI to increase their productivity and effectiveness.

With Call Spotlight, sales professionals can save up to 80% of their call-listening time by reading the highlights of their past conversations. Call Spotlight includes AI highlights like a call brief and next steps, a full call rundown, and an interactive ask-a-question interface.

Call Spotlight uses Gong’s AI models to extract critical customer insights and next steps from calls so revenue teams can focus their efforts on revenue-generating activities.

Our commitment to innovation since day one

Since Amit Bendov and I co-founded Gong eight years ago, we have consistently empowered revenue teams with AI so they can work smarter and more efficiently.

ChatGPT has gained widespread attention recently, but we’ve been building AI solutions for years, delivering tangible value to revenue teams.

With our day-one dedication to research and development, we’ve built more than 40 proprietary AI models tailored to revenue teams’ unique needs. That commitment to incorporating new technology into Gong products is part of what makes us the #1 trusted AI platform for revenue intelligence.

Given that AI is built into our company’s DNA, we’ve considered all sides of generative AI and how we can best invest in this new phase of AI technology. 

Here’s how we’ve approached it:

We built AI models that deliver 2x more accurate insights

Large-scale models are built for general-purpose use cases. However, those models can create irrelevant outputs without understanding the context of sales conversations.

Instead, we’ve built our own in-house AI models that understand the revenue domain. For example, our models identify important sales next steps and ignore false suggestions. As a result, our testing found that, on average, we get 2x more accurate results than off-the-shelf models. This ensures that teams stay focused on the most critical next steps for moving a deal forward. 

We invested in security

Not all off-the-shelf models address privacy and security concerns around the use of confidential internal or customer data. We’ve talked to senior IT leaders who worry that employees will share confidential information with public-facing platforms, thereby putting their company and customer data at risk. Their concerns are valid. 

Gong ensures the highest level of security with an in-house governance strategy and a team dedicated to oversight and model development. We never use public LLMs, unlike other solutions that leverage public-facing technologies directly. If needed, GPT models can be used safely and securely through our partnership with Microsoft Azure, which gives us access to our own tenant. This ensures that all customer data used in Gong remains protected and confidential, adheres to our data retention policy, and is not used to train other models.

We integrated generative AI into the right seller workflows

The recent surge of single-point generative solutions adds bulk to an already tech-heavy workflow, wasting sellers’ time and distracting them from their ultimate goal of driving revenue. Those using ChatGPT directly (e.g., copying and pasting transcripts of customer conversations into the open platform) not only create an extra, disconnected step in their process but also potentially expose their organization to risk.

To address this, we’ve integrated our secure generative AI capability, Call Spotlight, across our platform to benefit revenue teams in all their essential processes.

Spotlight can be used in pipeline and deal inspection so sellers or managers can quickly get up to speed on recent conversations within the account. Sellers can be better prepared for the next conversation, and managers can understand the full context behind their team’s deals.

Spotlight is also part of our latest product, Gong Engage, where sellers can quickly see the context of previous conversations, before reaching out to an account, and generate email copy from the Spotlight summary and next steps. 

Teams can access Spotlight across Gong’s platform —in Search, the Gong Homepage, and Deals. Spotlight also eliminates the time sink of entering data into a CRM by automatically updating that CRM so reps can focus on selling instead of data entry.

Take a look at Call Spotlight

Wondering how it works in real life? Using Spotlight is as easy as it gets. Check it out:

As generative AI evolves, we’ll continue to push its boundaries and enhance revenue organizations’ operations with enterprise-grade security in mind. Expect numerous new capabilities in your Gong instance soon.

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Want to redefine how you engage with your customers?

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