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For Account Executives

Make Every Sales Call Better Than Your Last One

Revenue intelligence technology helps B2B account executives make every one of their sales calls better than the last by recording, transcribing, and analyzing each sales conversation, call, or demo.

“I used Gong for my own ramp up, listening to calls, learning the product and pitch faster, and closing my first deal faster. I now use Gong to listen to my own calls to learn and improve from one call to the next.”
MICHAELA BRADY-HUNTER Account Executive, Fond
“I've been able to change the trajectory of deals to a win just by using Gong to listen in on calls. I do this at my convenience, even during my daily commute to work.”
Marc Medrano Vice President, Global Enterprise Sales Sparkcentral

Key Benefits

Make Every Call Better Than Your Last

The best athletes get better by reviewing game film, shouldn’t you? Take control of your development by recording each call and turning it into smart “game film.”


Pinpoint Where You Need to Improve

Game film is one thing, game stats are another. Analyze your behavioral trends over time to measure progress and pinpoint the areas you need to improve with surgical precision.


Receive Rich, Targeted Coaching Feedback

Take your sales game to the next level by getting the coaching and feedback you need. Receive a continuous stream of rich coaching feedback from your manager on any call you request.


Get More Deals Across the Finish Line

Start new conversations with every deal like the last one just ended by reviewing previous calls in a matter of minutes. Pick up on key information you may have missed in the heat of the moment the last time around.


Swap Sales Call Best Practices with Peers

Swap ideas for how to sell better with your peers by reviewing and commenting on each others’ calls. Get insight into what the top reps are doing, and pick up on their habits via osmosis.


Focus On the Call,
Let Gong Take Your Notes

Focus intensely on your customer while Gong captures the details for you. Gone are the days of incomplete or spotty notes with vital information missing. Let Gong be your infinite memory by capturing your calls, and turning them into searchable data.