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How to Run a World-Class Forecasting Meeting

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Most forecast meetings don’t help you see the actual state of your pipeline or avoid forecast surprisesThat’s why the world’s most successful sales leaders use a 5-step formula to run their meetings. Use this approach and you’ll be confidently calling your number in no time.

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Get the cheat sheet to learn the WHO, WHAT, and WHENs of running engaging and effective forecasting meetings.

The result: Forecasting meetings your rep’s actually look forward to. (We didn’t think it was possible either.)

*Instant access. No need to wait for the email!

This guide will show you …
  • Who should attend (and who should not)
  • What to discuss to understand your real pipeline
  • What not to discuss to avoid distractions
  • When to meet to maximize your productivity
  • What tools to use to ensure alignment


It’s free, instant, and data-driven.

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