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Advanced techniques for selling to the c-suite

Master these techniques to get buy-in from C-Level buyers and win the single most important meeting in any sales cycle. Includes a deck with the 3 techniques and data behind why they work, plus a training video featuring Gong CRO Ryan Longfield that covers what senior execs like to hear before approving deals.

What’s included
  • The #1 mistake selling to the c-suite
    Get this wrong and you’ll over-complicate your deal and jeopardize the entire cycle.
  • Elevate your sales acumen
    Hear straight from C-Level execs what they want from vendor-facing conversations (and what they hit snooze on).
  • Gain leverage with execs
    Build a powerful system of selling skills that will secure the upper hand in any deal.
What you’ll learn
  • How to mentally prepare for c-suite calls
    Seasoned reps follow this framework BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER every call with C-Level buyers.
  • Why title assumptions destroy deals
    Steal this question top earners use to map their accounts and zero in on power to keep deals from stalling.
  • How to earn influence over dms
    Use the golden rule of selling to the C-Suite and they will grant you permission to persuade them.


And that’s if you’re lucky. Here’s how to make your calls with C-Suite buyers count.

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