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Gong Unveils New AI Capabilities to Help Revenue Teams Drive Excellence in Execution

Industry-first AI concept capture technology enhanced to increase trust in data accuracy and bring standardization and rigor to critical sales processes

SAN FRANCISCO – June 25, 2024: Gong, the Revenue Intelligence leader, today announced a series of enhancements to its industry-first AI Smart Trackers concept capture technology that users can train to help revenue teams achieve better accuracy, efficiency, and automation in their sales execution. Customers can now leverage insights from AI Smart Trackers – both out-of-the-box and those they have trained – and bring operational rigor into revenue workflows with new AI Methodology Playbooks and AI Scorecard Suggestions.

In today’s hyper-competitive and constantly evolving market, revenue leaders struggle to get the right data to pinpoint gaps in their processes and understand what’s working and what’s not. According to a Gartner® Press Release, “Eighty-four percent of sales leaders agreed that sales analytics has had less influence on sales performance than what leadership expected.”[1] This gap exists largely because tracking sales processes, such as coaching and methodology adherence, is still based on sales reps manually inputting data into CRM systems.

To address the challenges of ensuring sales leaders have the right data to effectively evolve their organizations, Gong is announcing new AI capabilities to help teams autonomously capture this critical data and operationalize it within their revenue organizations.

  • New tools for AI Smart Trackers help business users build workflows, get trustworthy insights, and quickly understand what good AI-generated results look like, without having to depend on data scientists or write code.
  • Gong’s new AI Methodology Playbooks let leaders select their sales methodology, then rely on AI Smart Trackers to automatically and accurately detect whether elements of the methodology have been met in customer interactions.
  • Gong’s new AI Scorecard Suggestions automatically suggest answers to inform coaching scorecards, making it easier and faster for managers to coach reps consistently.

“At Canva, we’re big believers in the power of AI and its lasting impact on the workplace. Having invested in AI for years, we’ve seen first-hand how the technology is changing the way people work and collaborate more than ever before. Through our own AI tools we’ve seen how teams are able to produce content at scale, whilst working smarter, more efficiently and productively, regardless if they’re in HR, Sales or Marketing,” said Jorge Bestard, Head of Sales and Success, Canva EMEA. “With Gong, our internal sales teams have been able to improve our win rates by using AI to pinpoint any blockers in the renewals process, enabling faster deals and a more streamlined workflow.”

“AI is already delivering productivity and efficiency benefits to enterprises, but without the accuracy enabled by true contextual understanding of data, the benefits of AI can’t be realized across an organization’s most critical workflows,” said Eilon Reshef, co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Gong. “By bringing deep understanding into and operationalizing insights within key sales processes, Gong gives revenue leaders the visibility, consistency, and scale they need to make key decisions that will drive revenue success.”

AI Smart Trackers enhanced for increased accuracy and trust

Gong’s AI Smart Trackers go beyond keyword recognition by understanding the context of conversations and recognizing the different ways sales teams and customers can communicate a concept.

AI Smart Trackers now enable up to 10 percent more precise tracking of positive and negative signals and concepts found within sales interactions.[1] After building the trackers, or using Gong’s preprogrammed out-of-the-box options that monitor the most common sales concepts, admins and revenue operations teams can test the models’ accuracy before deploying them to ensure they are delivering the intended results.

Automating revenue professionals’ path to success with AI Methodology Playbooks

Sales teams will now be able to take the valuable signals and concepts captured by AI Smart Trackers further into their workflows with AI Methodology Playbooks. Scale necessitates standardization, which is why 95 percent of successful revenue teams follow a methodology such as MEDDICCC to guide reps as they work to close deals.

These methodologies are essential for revenue team operations, but compliance is often lacking. With AI Methodology Playbooks, Gong can surface suggestions from customer interactions to automatically populate the framework with precision, bringing increased transparency to leaders. By ensuring that the team consistently executes the sales process, organizations can standardize their data-informed operations and, in turn, improve forecast accuracy and deal win rates.

Streamlining Coaching and Feedback with AI Scorecard Suggestions

Scorecards are powerful tools for providing coaching and feedback to sales reps, but scoring calls is time-consuming. As a result, most managers lack the capacity to invest the time to reinforce best practices. Gong’s new AI Scorecard Suggestions help companies increase revenue per rep by automatically suggesting answers to scorecard questions, streamlining the coaching process and helping managers more effectively reinforce best practices.

To learn more about the enhancements being announced today, read the blog post.

[1] *Gartner Press Release, Gartner Survey Finds Sales Analytics Has Less Influence on Sales Performance Than What Leadership Expected, 6 February 2024.

GARTNER is a registered trademark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved.

[1] AI Smart Tracker accuracy and hit rate increased by an average of 10 percent in benchmark studies. The improvements were seen in fewer missed detections and increased capture of relevant concepts.


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