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Gong Revolutionizes Revenue Workflows Through New AI-Powered Capabilities

Gong Revenue Intelligence Platform drives revenue teams’ critical workflows

Deal Spotlight delivers a complete and accurate view of deals with 3X more efficiency

SAN FRANCISCO – November 9, 2023: Gong, the Revenue Intelligence leader, today announced new AI-powered capabilities for its platform that allow businesses to more efficiently gain a comprehensive understanding of their customers, maximize revenue and productivity, and drive better decision-making. Through its differentiated AI solutions, Gong supports revenue teams’ most critical workflows—including sales engagement, forecasting, and team performance. 

Following the announcement of Call Spotlight, which allows customers to produce relevant, secure, and accurate summaries and next steps from customer interactions, Gong is introducing the next evolution of the technology, which provides these summaries based on entire deal histories. By encompassing the entire lifecycle of a deal, rather than a single interaction, Deal Spotlight uncovers insights to help revenue teams more efficiently, accurately, and completely understand their business. 

“The more data and context AI has, the better the results it delivers. In Rapid7’s journey to consolidate all our customer insights, it was critical for our go-to-customer strategy to have the right data to drive the most value,” said Eric Bauer, VP, Sales Strategy and Effectiveness, Rapid7. “When it comes to making sense of the data across our pre- and post-sales teams, we found that leveraging a single AI-powered solution from Gong that unifies data across systems helps us deliver the most value to our customers and achieve our strategic initiatives.”

AI-powered revenue workflows in a single platform

Gong’s Revenue Intelligence Platform helps customers more seamlessly run their most valuable business processes through a single, automated platform that predicts, produces, and prescribes the most impactful workflows required to drive revenue using diverse applications of AI. New capabilities include the ability to:

  • Predict: By surfacing precise, complete, and accurate insights, Gong helps revenue leaders drive informed decision-making. Gong leverages more than 300 data points in the new Deal Likelihood Score, part of Gong Forecast, to deliver predictions about whether or not a deal is likely to close. The model can predict the likelihood that a deal will close up to 20% more accurately than predictions based on CRM data alone. 
  • Produce: Gong’s generative AI models produce insights and workflows that drive accuracy and efficiencies, helping teams perform at their highest caliber. 
    • The new “Ask Anything” feature for Deal Spotlight allows sellers and revenue leaders to make a query about any interaction that has been captured throughout the deal lifecycle. The feature can deliver a 66% reduction in time needed to review deals. 
    • Within Gong’s newest product offering, Gong Engage, users can now automatically produce a high-quality prospecting email with generative AI based on users’ inputs and Gong’s best practices for successful first-touch emails. 
  • Prescribe: Gong leverages proprietary AI models to guide teams on how best to grow their business by creating, managing, and converting pipeline while also retaining customers. For example, Gong’s models identify the specific steps to take to move deals forward. Earlier this year, Gong announced “Next Steps” that are twice as accurate as off-the-shelf models in helping reps identify and act on the next steps to progress a deal. 

“Gong’s vision is to help organizations realize the true value of their revenue team and their customers, and the full spectrum of our AI capabilities will allow us to achieve that,” said Amit Bendov, CEO and co-founder, Gong. “As revenue organizations undergo rapid transformation, our north star remains helping teams find ways to automate and operationalize their workflows to drive greater value across the business.”

Generative AI – Now for the entire deal lifecycle

With Deal Spotlight, revenue professionals – from sales reps to managers to revenue leaders – can query the industry-first Ask Anything capability and get a response based on the entire deal history across emails and calls. For example, an executive preparing for a meeting can ask, “What is the customer concerned about, and how did my rep respond?” and Ask Anything will respond based on all the recorded call and email interactions across the complete history of the deal. The capability also includes documentation to support its AI-derived responses via citations of relevant data found within interactions, further driving accuracy for revenue organizations.

Deal Spotlight’s Ask Anything capability will be available in the coming months. In addition to Ask Anything, Deal Spotlight will leverage Gong’s predictive AI to calculate the likelihood of a deal closing within Gong Forecast. 


About Gong

Gong transforms revenue organizations by harnessing customer interactions to increase business efficiency, improve decision-making and accelerate revenue growth. The Revenue Intelligence Platform uses proprietary artificial intelligence technology to enable teams to capture, understand and act on all customer interactions in a single, integrated platform. Thousands of companies around the world rely on Gong to support their go-to-market strategies and grow revenue efficiently. For more information, visit