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Gong Launches New AI-Powered System to Boost Deal Win Rates and Seller Productivity

PALO ALTO, CA – Nov. 15, 2022Gong, the Revenue Intelligence leader, today launched Gong Assist to help sales teams maximize every revenue opportunity while increasing seller productivity and efficiency. Gong Assist is an AI-powered engagement system for sellers that automates mundane tasks, monitors opportunities, and recommends next steps at the right time to win more deals. 

According to Forrester, only 23% of a sales rep’s time is actually spent selling, as reps are overwhelmed juggling an increasing amount of activities and tasks. Reps are stretched so thin, they struggle to follow-up in a timely manner with their prospects. Gong Labs research shows that in a third of surveyed deals, reps didn’t respond to prospect emails within the first 24 hours.  But when they do respond within 24 hours, win rates are 14% higher, and sales cycle lengths are 11% shorter.

“As an account executive working 80-100 opportunities at once, the number of tasks can be overwhelming,” said Katherine Hutter, account executive at Hotjar. “Gong Assist gives me a game plan. It prioritizes all of my action items and puts them in a central dashboard that enables me to maximize my time and act on the most important to-do’s. I can keep momentum with my deals and see them through the finish line faster.”

Gong Assist: Increase Win Rates and Productivity

Delivered in a single dashboard, Gong Assist enables sellers to what matters most – and what they enjoy most – engaging with buyers. Gong Assist capabilities include:

    “Sales reps are inundated daily with a tornado of administrative tasks, action items, and buying signals – all spread across different systems – and the problem is worse right now as teams are being asked to do more with less during the economic downturn,” said Gong Co-Founder and CEO Amit Bendov. “Gong Assist is a game changer. It helps sellers win more deals by minimizing clutter and mundane tasks, alerting them to critical actions, and helping them prioritize their work so they can progress deals more effectively.” 

    Gong today also provided a sneak peek of the Gong Reality Platform’s future sales prospecting capabilities. It showcased the first reality-based and autonomous prospecting tool that will help outbound sales reps convert more top-of-funnel engagement into the sales pipeline. When it comes to prospecting, quantity alone doesn’t get results. Understanding the context of conversations and delivering quality engagement does. Gong’s new prospecting capabilities, with a focus on increasing the quality of prospecting outreach, will help organizations build a predictable sales pipeline in uncertain economic times.

    Gong Assist is now available as a free beta to select Gong customers. For more information about Gong Assist, please visit

    About Gong

    Gong unlocks reality to help people and companies reach their full potential. The Reality Platform™ autonomously empowers customer-facing teams to take advantage of their most valuable assets – customer interactions, which the Gong platform captures and analyzes. Gong then delivers insights at scale, enabling revenue and go-to-market teams to determine the best actions for repeatable winning outcomes. More than 3,500 innovative companies like Morningstar Inc., Paychex, LinkedIn, Shopify, Slack, Sprout Social, Twilio, and Zillow trust Gong to power their business reality. For more information, please visit

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