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What is Cross-Selling?

Cross selling isn’t just a sales tactic—it’s a strategic move to drive revenue growth and enhance customer relationships. When done right, cross selling can significantly boost your sales, deepen customer loyalty, and elevate the overall buying experience.

Cross selling is about suggesting additional products or services to customers who have already made a purchase. For instance, a tech firm might propose software add-ons to go with newly bought hardware, while a clothing store could recommend matching accessories for a chosen outfit. This approach leverages the existing customer relationship, turning a single purchase into a richer, more valuable transaction.

Cross selling is a powerful strategy for increasing revenue and enhancing customer relationships. By understanding your customers, personalizing recommendations, and leveraging technology, you can implement effective cross selling strategies that drive business growth.

Quotes from industry experts about cross selling

We’re working with a client right now who has got a team that’s dedicated just to cross sell and upsell. That’s all they do is they take existing accounts and try to sell them a couple extra things.

Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer at Corporate Visions

Is a price increase the right strategy, or is there a different approach we should be taking? Should we be charge on a different metric? Should we charge on usage, rather than just users? Or maybe should we offer different packages, where there’s a more expensive enterprise edition that we can go upsell customers into at a higher price, rather than charging more for everyone? With that in mind, you might also think about where are customers in their journey with you, and do you want to take a one size fits all approach or be more segmented?

Kyle Poyar, Operating Partner at OpenView

I want to see Improvement in the percentage of quota attainment. I want to see in the last two companies where I worked cross-selling we had a platform and our salespeople and this, you know, I am working on this now, our salespeople tend to lead with a piece of the product or features. And that’s where it all falls apart because what happens is when you lead with features, you tend to commoditize yourself, right? Because then it’s all about comparison shopping. It’s not about how you’re going to solve the customer’s problem. So, we’re really trying to work on that and move them more towards leading with the problem and how we can solve that problem better than anybody else.

Paul Butterfield, VP Global Sales Enablement at Instructure

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