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Real Gong customers share how they use AI to save time and streamline workflows

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Sales reps and leaders alike want to move beyond the hype and start extracting real value from AI. Luckily, they can learn from early adopters — Gong customers who have already gotten tangible and valuable results by incorporating AI into their everyday processes.

Our customers are using Gong’s AI and the Ask Anything feature (recently expanded to accounts, deals, and contacts) to surface critical information in seconds and transform their revenue strategies. They’re waltzing through tasks that used to eat up hours of time in their day — and they’re getting more precise and personalized answers than ever.

From getting instant account insights to streamlining their call reviews to crafting personalized follow-up emails, revenue teams worldwide are using Gong’s AI capabilities to stay ahead of their competition and grow their sales organizations.

But don’t take our word for it… hear what our customers said on LinkedIn about how they use Gong AI and Gong’s Ask Anything feature. They’ve saved time and money, streamlined workflows, and identified opportunities for improvement on their teams.

Here’s how Gong customers moved AI from a buzzword to big wins — in their own words!

Save precious time (and money)

Is there anything better than telling your boss you’ve saved the company time and money? That’s exactly what these Gong customers could do when they used AI to get time back in their days — time they can spend on selling-related tasks instead of slogging away at manual administrative work.

Let’s kick things off with one of our most beloved use cases: crafting follow-up emails. 

We get why you love using Ask Anything to write your follow-up emails, Ray. It’s a (Raving) Fan favorite:

Yes! Ditch your note-taking. We applaud that move, William:

And Mason handles his back-to-backs much more easily now that AI does the debriefing for him in Call Summaries.

Streamline workflows 

We love hearing how customers use AI and Ask Anything “in the wild” to work smarter instead of harder. That kind of gain is chef’s kiss for fast-paced sales teams. By using AI-driven insights to bolster team productivity, these leaders are well on their way to transforming their sales processes into well-oiled machines:

Kirra’s entire team benefits from the productivity savings she’s unleashing with account summaries and deal strategy requests in AI:

Jess uses Gong’s AI daily to stay on top of every task related to her calls:

Customer success is in on the action, with Alicia making sure her department catches customers at risk before they churn:

Identify opportunities and improvement areas

Everyone involved in sales — from reps to execs to customer success — dreams of predicting problems before they happen or identifying untapped opportunities. AI can turn those “what if” questions into clear possibilities in seconds

… Like this CEO, who learned that “Gong is $.” (His words, not ours!) We’re glad you’re making an impact, Evan, and using Gong AI for your exec-level forecasting:

Ready to use these proven AI tips?

Whether you seek guidance on how to seal a deal or you want to better understand a buyer’s hesitation, Ask Anything delivers precise, context-rich advice.

Gong’s AI is trained specifically on sales conversations, unlike generic AI models whose training includes swaths of irrelevant information. That’s why Gong AI and Ask Anything truly evolve how you make decisions and ultimately drive action across your sales pipeline. 

All you have to do is start asking questions!

Curious, but unsure which prompts to use in Ask Anything? Kick things off using the proven prompts in our latest cheat sheet

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