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Gong Collective

The Gong Collective is home to over 120+ integrations that optimize workflows to help reps be hyper productive, automate manual processes to save time, and bring together data across your tech stack to support easier decision making. 

Enterprise quality integrations for all

Gong’s Revenue Intelligence Platform creates a foundation for our partner integrations to connect data and bring automation (and consistency) to manual processes.

Bringing in engagement signals and buyer insights directly into the Gong activity timeline helps our customers of all sizes see a more complete picture of their buyer journey, opening up a world of possibilities for optimizing sales cycles and growing revenue.

The best part is that every integration is held to the highest standard to ensure that even our largest customers can implement easily and get started fast.

Business transformation 2.0

With an ever changing economic climate, the need to consolidate your tech stack, the push to helps teams accomplish more with less… Gong is teaming up with the world’s sales tech leaders to seamlessly connect their tools and services with our reality-based platform. Together, we break down silos that stand between your team and the data they need for peak performance.

Connected data

So-Long siloes!

Align teams around a single source of data to ensure everyone is on the same page. The Collective helps customer connect to over 120 siloed systems including calendar, web conferencing software, email client, and telephony system to capture, transcribe, analyze, and store every customer interactions.

Best practices for customer success management

sales rep efficiency

automation station

Leverage integrations to help automate manual processes and streamline workflows. Not only will integrations help reps save time by avoiding tool switching… automated workflows will help ensure that winning processes are always a part of the sales cycle to keep every deal moving forward.

Users need credits in order to message prospects not in their network

decision making optimized

get the full picture

With buying signals, CRM alignment, and visibility across team touch points the Gong Collective helps optimize performance with a more holistic view into buyer reality to drive data based decision making and prioritization.

Map of the customer success journey

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