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How to radically increase pipeline with actionable data

It’s gone. The traditional sales floor is being replaced by a newly distributed virtual floor where reps, managers, and customers are connected digitally. The result? Sales managers are vulnerable to blindspots in rep performance. Uncover these blindspots by using data-driven best-practices that’ll level-up your team and boost your revenue.

Featured speakers
Peter Kazanjy
Peter Kazanjy Co-Founder Atriiium
Eric Martin
Eric Martin Head of Sales Vanta
Dana Feldman RVP Strategic Sales Gong
Let the data talk!

According to a recent Atrium survey (of 400+ sales managers) 95% of teams are either fully distributed or in hybrid mode, with 74% expected to grow their teams in a distributed form in the next 12 months. This session will give you a complete picture of rep performance, help you set the right goals, and deliver coaching techniques that stick.

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn​
  • Uncover coaching blindspots
    Spot, correct, and counter what’s blocking your reps’ development and pipeline conversion.
  • Set actionable goals
    Learn how to set goals on activities and outcomes that’ll push deals over the closed-won hump.
  • Take coaching to a new level
    Grab the tactics and talk tracks of having data-driven coaching conversations with your team.


That’s your pipeline talking.

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