Sales is not for the faint of heart. It’s hard. It’s challenging. It’s a grind. But you know what makes sales even more hard/challenging/grinding? Lack of guidance. No direction. Having to reinvent the (sales) wheel. That’s why we’ve compiled our best-of-the-best, top-of-the-top, crème de la crème sales templates ever created in the history of Gong (drama intentional). And they are yours — for free. All we ask for is your email address. Easy. Done.



While we believe all eight sales templates are stellar (if it isn’t the best, I send it back), if you are not sure where to start, start with this template: 43 highly effective email CTAs — our most downloaded of 2020.

2020 sales template


Everyone loves a good game of “fill-in-the-blanks,” right? (think, Madlibs for Sales). Even better: A fill-in-the-blanks/Madlibs sales proposal template. And that’s precisely what you will get with this 9-slide sales proposal deck template.

Expect all techniques to be: 

  • Reviewed, vetted, and approved by top sellers
  • Backed by Gong data (millions of calls)
  • Chalked full of proven value

You’ll get “dos and don’ts,” tips for neutralizing common sales proposal objections, and all the secrets top earners use to grow their ACV (and commission).


“Sure, that might work” is better than a hard “no” from a prospect. Or is it? With a “No, thanks,” at least you know where you stand and can move on. Even better than a “might work” or a hard no is… a plan. Better yet, an action plan. Ideally, a mutual action plan (aka MAP). A MAP — mutual success plan, “go-live” plan, whatever you want to call it. A good MAP gives your deal a better chance of not only closing but closing faster.

This MAP sales template is part of our Elite Sales Training Closing Kit Master Class (ESTCKMC). While that acronym may not stick, the content from this template sure will. The template comes complete with videos (tips for aligning with prospects, so they sign on your timeline), a step-by-step slide deck (complete with “how to avoid the worst mistake when discussing price” email templates), and, of course, a printable MAP (uncover and overcome those pipeline “deal killers”).

2020 sales template


These 43 aforementioned, most-downloaded, data-backed, proven-to-work email CTAs will secure more meetings (faster) and help build your pipeline (quicker). This sales template is a must-have if you care about booking more meetings.

The template comes with a mix of CTAs: Interest (asks for interest, not a meeting) and specific (asks for a meeting using a specific day and time). Interest CTAs move your cold emails to warm — or even hot — leads. Specific CTAs help move your warm/hot lead further down the funnel — lock-in that next meeting!

Mo’ Meetings. Mo’ Money. (And fewer deals slipping). 


Chances are, if you are reading this now (which you are — think about it), you are NOT a CFO. You are likely not even in finance. You are a salesperson. A sales leader. A sales PROfessional. You are on this page because you want to up your (sales) game. You want to close more deals!

You are in the right place.

To win over the CFO (to, you know, to get budget approved and win a deal), you need to think like a CFO. This fill-in-the-blanks sales template will help empower your champion to get in the head of their CFO and use language that resonates with the controls of the cash. This CFO letter template is one that you and your soon-to-be-new-custom can complete in less than 9 minutes. Fill in the template. Send to the CFO. Land the deal. Everyone is happy.


Your deal is moving along splendidly until… voicemail. Unanswered email. Voicemail. Voicemail. Bounced email. Number disconnected. You’ve either been ghosted, or your primary POC has moved on to their next SaaS company. It happens. Far. Too. Often. The problem: You only had a single point of contact. Bad bad bad. 

It’s time to learn the art of multi-threading, a tactic top-performing reps have perfected to close more deals and land larger accounts. Why all the love for multi-threading? 4 letters. D A T A. On average, winning deals have three people from the buyer’s side involved in the deal. Why rely on one human when you can lean on an army? Finally, a little insurance can go a long way.

This multi-threading sales playbook has three ready-to-use plays. They are yours for free.


One-on-ones are opportunities for sales pros to share what’s happening in their world — the good, the not-so-good, and everything in between. For sales leaders, 1-on-1s help with projections and serve as a prime coaching opportunity. Unfortunately, these mono y mono meetings often turn into “just another meeting.” Nobody wants that.

Instead, use these seven questions from our one-on-one sales checklist to flip your unproductive, ineffective, boooooorrrrring meetings into focused, dedicated, unmatched sales efficiencies machines. The checklist includes questions and active listening tips so you can start making the most of your check-ins with your reps.


Happy ears. Committed deals with zero next steps. Ugh and Uuuuuggggh. Not at all what a sales manager hopes to hear during a pipeline review meeting. Thankfully, pipeline review meetings don’t have to be based on sales reps telling managers what they think they want to hear. Or sharing “solid” deals that are likely dead in the water. 

Our 7-point checklist for airtight pipeline reviews sales template shows you how to destroy time-sucking, unproductive anecdotes, and get right to the good, data-driven story. This sales template will help sales teams fast-forward to what really counts in deals, saving crucial time to strategize on how to best move forward with the next best steps.

This 7-point checklist is your shortcut to making the most of your pipeline reviews.


You know what makes a good call, what “good” looks like. Our Ultimate Call Review Checklist sales template has all the key questions you need to review to ensure you’ve attained “good call” status.

Questions like: 

—Did they set up an upfront contract?

—How well did they uncover customer pain and priorities?

—Was their buying process clearly outlined?

—How well did they handle objections?

—How effectively did they differentiate the product vs the competition?

—Did they secure next steps?

This fully-editable call review checklist means you can enter your criteria to create the ultimate call review template and use it in your 1-1 with your reps when you’re reviewing a call (or in call review sessions if you do those).

Instead, use these seven questions from our one-on-one sales checklist to flip your unproductive, ineffective, boooooorrrrring meetings into focused, dedicated, unmatched sales efficiencies machines. The checklist includes questions and active listening tips so you can start making the most of your check-ins with your reps.


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