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The sales referral playbook


Your buyers want to give you referrals. But most reps aren’t asking. Luckily, you’re not most reps.

Our Sales Referral Playbook turns active opportunities to intros to new prospects. Learn what to say and when to say it to generate more qualified opportunities.

Here’s what’s included
  • 5-Step referral play
    Use this cadence to land the perfect intro into target accounts.
  • The best time to ask for intros
    Capitalize on high interest moments in your deal cycle to transform momentum into new qualified opportunities.
  • Steal these talk tracks
    Ready-made emails and scripts that deliver referrals faster than you can click “Closed Won.”

How to use the referral playbook
  • Activate your buyers
    Learn the #1 mistake reps make when they ask for referrals and what you should do instead to get the nod.
  • Self-prospecting on auto-pilot
    Cold emails getting the cold shoulder? Try warm intros and crush your opportunity creation number.
  • Multiply you pipeline
    Turn active opportunities into tomorrow’s pipeline and build influence in cold accounts from day one.

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