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3 Money-Making Sales Call Scripts

Script falling flat? Buyers not buying your pitch? Sales demos riddled with awkward pauses? Try these 3 money-making sales scripts to up your cold call, discovery call, and demo call effectiveness and get buyers to see the value.

What you’ll learn
  • Ask better questions
    Cold calls. Disco calls. Demo calls. Success comes down to one thing: Asking questions that signpost your path to closed-won.
  • Frame your offer for maximum persuasion
    Use psychological shortcuts to influence decision-making and learn how elite sellers pack weapons of max influence into their call scripts.
  • Data-backed scripts
    Based on data from hundreds of thousands of sales calls: Get scripts that are ready for every stage in your deal cycle.
How to use the sales call scripts
  • Mad libs style scripts
    These simple fill-in-the-blanks sales call scripts are designed to help you frame the conversation for the biggest results.
  • Advanced sales call techniques
    Learn the techniques behind each call script so they become second nature when you’re on a sales call.
  • Go off-script
    These scripts are the starting point for the critical deal junctions. Use them to steer your deal through common sales call hurdles and win more deals.
What’s included in the call scripts
  • Call scripts for every deal stage
    Cold calls, discovery calls, and demo calls: These 3 sales call scripts have you covered through every stage in your deal cycle.
  • Real script examples
    Get inspiration from actual sales call scripts to build out your winning sales call scripts.
    Master advanced selling techniques (backed by data on actual sales calls) that aren’t limited to reading a script.


Who is the sales report excel template for?

If you manage a team of B2B sales reps, this is for you!

What format does the report come in?

The sales report template is available as an excel file and as a Google Sheet.

Do I need to know Excel?

No: This template comes with pre-built formulas so you only need to update the data in the excel spreadsheet and let the template do the rest.


The only sales call scripts based on data from actual sales calls. Get them now:

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