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5 Deal warnings preventing you from closing revenue

These warnings are Deal Enemy #1. Here’s your complete playbook to track, counter, and neutralize the top 5 risks in your pipeline and avoid deal hurdles.

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn
  • Deal enemy #1
    These 5 warnings are the top threat to your pipeline. They’re the early tell signs that deals are about to fall apart before your eyes.
  • Hunt down risk
    Get a breakdown of each of the 5 deal warnings: What does it mean for your deals? How can you spot them early?
  • Closed-lost, averted
    Learn how to neutralize each risk as soon as it appears. Use these data-backed techniques and stop losing winnable deals ASAP.
How to use the 5 deal warnings
  • In your deals
    Avoid these deal warnings and steer your deals towards best-in-class metrics to maximize your close rate.
  • In pipeline reviews
    It’s like X-Ray goggles for spotting landmines in your pipeline. Reduce deal risk and forecast with superhuman accuracy.
  • In 1:1S
    Use these tips to drive strategic deal execution sessions and shepherd deals through a minefield of obstacles.


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