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35 Sales interview questions to separate the best from the rest

Use these questions to separate the best from the rest and hire top talent for your team. These 35 questions will measure the skills that really matter to be successful in a high-performing sales org AND attract the best candidates to join your team.

What you’ll learn
  • Great reps love ‘em
    Poor reps hate ‘em. These questions will separate the best from the rest in under an hour without scaring away top candidates.
  • Build a sales powerhouse
    These questions are designed to help you identify the best talent fast and bring on new team members that are a value add to your org.
  • Like a talent magnet
    Not only are these questions designed to help you pressure-test candidates, they’ll convince the great ones to come work for you.
What’s included
  • AE and SDR specific questions
  • Prep interviews for different roles with questions to measure the skills that matter for success in these specific functions.WHAT TO LISTEN FOR
  • Great interview questions are like great discovery questions: they get you rich answers. Here’s what to pay attention to in candidate responses.100% GIMMICK-FREE
  • No “sell me this pen” or “what’s your biggest weakness” questions on this list. They’re played out AND they won’t get you the best people.


Use these 35 questions to get the best sales talent on your team.

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