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Introducing Whisper by The Holy Grail for Sales Leaders

December 6, 2018
Chris Orlob

Chris Orlob

Product News
Whisper™ cracks the code on your top producers’ talk tracks and transforms average sellers into stars. We’re thrilled to bring you Whisper™ by It’s the holy grail for sales leaders. Whisper™ cracks the code on the talk tracks that lead to closed deals at every stage of your sales process. More reps on your team will exceed quota, and fewer deals will end up in “no decision land”. Here’s how it works.

Crack the Code on Your Top Producers’ Talk Tracks

Say goodbye to wondering what separates your best reps from the rest. Whisper™ stack-ranks your team by top, average, and lower performer, and highlights the talk tracks your top reps use during their sales conversations at every stage of your sales process: You’ll learn which talk tracks lead to closed deals at every stage of your sales process, based on data.

Transform Your Good Reps into Great Reps

Next, Whisper™ highlights exactly what each of your reps needs to say to close more deals. Armed with an x-ray of each rep’s conversations, you’ll essentially have an individual coaching plan for each rep on your team. Whisper™ doesn’t just help you close a few more deals. The insights you’ll get will fundamentally change the fabric of your sales organization. In many cases, you’ll dramatically increase the number of reps on your team exceeding quota. Customers that have had early access to Whisper™ have had tremendous success. It’s already transforming many sales teams for the better.

Get in on the Action

Here’s the catch: Whisper™ really isn’t for everyone. There are certain types of sales teams Whisper™ doesn’t fit. You’ll need a 15-minute conversation with one of our experts to assess its fit for your sales team.

Schedule that 15-minute conversation here, and do it today.

If you’re a current customer, talk to your Customer Success Manager about whether Whisper™ is right for your team, or email our support team.

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