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Sales Onboarding Done Lightning Fast. Close Deals Right Out of Bootcamp.

From ideas to implementation. Get the tools and insights you need to implement your sales strategy


“Having Gong’s recorded demos mean our sales engineers are essentially training new hires without the cost of doing that in person. New hires watch the best demos and come to me when they’re ready to demo the product. The amount of product training I do has dropped by at least 40% and our new hires are ramping faster than ever.”

Garrett Serviss Director of Sales Development at Cloudinary

Accelerate Your Sales Onboarding

Say Goodbye to
Call Shadowing

Face it. Call shadowing doesn’t scale. And you never know what you’re going to get. Gong gives your new hires a library of call recordings they can use to onboard faster, without the headaches.


Show New Hires What
Good Looks Like

Give new hires a bank of great conversations to listen to in your sales onboarding Library. Help them understand what a good call sounds like at every sales process stage.


Shadow a Full Sales
Cycle In a Day

Your new hires can follow a sales cycle from first call to close in a single afternoon. Compare that to shadowing a live sales cycle, which could take months! You’ll onboard your sales reps at lightning speed.


Sales Onboarding Drives Revenue

Faster sales onboarding is some of the strongest ROI you can get as a sales leader. The fast your new hires start producing full quota, the more. Revenue they’ll bring in by the end of the year. That’s why sales leaders everywhere are using Gong as their #1 sales onboarding tool.

Here are the key sales skills your new hires will master fast with the help of Gong:


Sell Value, Not Features

New hires are notorious for “feature dumping” and selling on price. With Gong, they’ll be selling value in no time.


Solidify next steps

Your new reps will learn to lock down next steps every time, even if you can’t afford sales training.


Better objection handling

New team members won’t fumble through objections. They’ll learn how your best reps handle objections, and clone that behavior.


Awesome discovery calls

Cracking the code on a great discovery is impossible without knowing how your best reps do it.


Sales process management

Armed with the ability to follow entire sales processes from first call to close, your new hires will master your sales process in no time.

Traditional Sales Onboarding Is Broken

Traditional sales onboarding involves your new hires huddling around a Webex while your best rep puts on a show. Or you might be relying on an LMS with a bunch of onboarding training material. But here’s why the old approach to sales onboarding is letting you down:

It’s Slow

It can take months to onboard your sales staff and get them up to speed with your systems

It’s Outdated

Those 40 PowerPoint decks you use to onboard sales? Yeah, they’re probably out-of-date (and you know it…)

It’s Overwhelming

It can mean trying to cram all the information into a few short orientation sessions, which can overwhelm new reps

It’s Frustrating

Your best sales managers don’t have time to spend weeks (or even hours) onboarding new team members

Never Get Sales Onboarding Wrong With Gong

If you’ve been struggling to onboard salespeople, it’s probably not your fault. You just haven’t had the right tools to get the job done efficiently. So, give yourself the best chance of winning by using Gong’s tools to onboard your new people.
Here’s why you’ll learn to love sales onboarding with us:



Onboard faster, with on-demand training and minimal hand-holding



Give your new people real-life examples of common objections and how to close deals



With our sales enablement tools, your reps will have everything they need at their fingertips to start selling effectively



Gong works the same for onboarding one or one hundred salespeople



Built-in feedback functions make it easy for new team members to ask for help



Show your team what success looks like and how they can achieve it

Onboard Salespeople In Your Sleep

Bold promise. But we’ll stand by it.

Once Gong is set up, your recruits can binge on up-to-date training all night long if they so desire. And they’ll be up to speed and meeting quotas alongside your best salespeople in no time.

Sign up in just 5 minutes, then add your team members with just 3 clicks.
Sales onboarding has never been this easy or effective.

Sales Onboarding Was Never So Fast

Onboard sales reps
lightning fast
Share your most
effective sales tactics
Get newbies closing deals
within their first month
Scale faster and
train smarter

“It used to take us 4-6 months to get new enterprise sales consultants producing at a consistent level. Gong has helped us chop that in half. In fact, one of our new reps just hit 140% of fully ramped quota, and he’s only on month two.”

Zach Taylor VP of Sales at Ambassador