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How Gong + HubSpot help sales teams win more deals and grow their skills

Sales Management

Sales teams are up against a lot of challenges. In this rocky economic landscape, consumers (and businesses) are even pickier about how they spend their hard-earned budgets. We consistently hear that sales teams are being asked to “do more with less” — pursue more leads, schedule more demos, and win more deals. Consumers are flooded with content and easily annoyed by sales reps who reach out at the wrong time or with the wrong message.

The best way to make sure your outreach is productive is to bring context into every one of your sales team’s calls. With the Gong App for HubSpot, sales teams can analyze massive amounts of customer interaction data in seconds, getting the most important insights about each prospect or customer before hopping on the phone with them. 

The Gong App for HubSpot can also help teams dig into broader trends and future-proof their sales strategies. Gong surfaces key insights into sales performances to highlight what works and what doesn’t, and brings in HubSpot data to ensure that every point of contact is considered. 

Gong’s revenue intelligence platform, coupled with HubSpot’s powerful CRM system, clarifies sales teams’ strengths and areas of improvement so they can stop losing winnable deals.  

5 Ways the Gong App for HubSpot Helps Sales Teams win More Deals 

1. Dig into the various stages of the customer experience across calls, emails, video meetings, and demos. 

Integrating HubSpot CRM with Gong’s Deal Board gives sales leaders access to critical details about what’s happening in every account. Information flows both ways, so HubSpot event actions flow into Gong, and Gong’s call details and transcripts flow into HubSpot. That means no more double data entry by reps and no need for the data cleaning that regularly wastes sales pros’ time. 

“We love using Gong, and the HubSpot integration is fantastic. Using Gong has helped us as a team to learn from other calls, and having the added visibility of everyone’s calls helps us to see how deals are progressing in the pipe[line], and what questions clients are frequently asking,” shared Wendy Sly, a computer software professional at a mid-size company in a review of the Gong App for HubSpot. “I love being able to see action items in HubSpot that the AI flags from each call.”

Gong allows sales leaders to uncover why some calls result in wins and others don’t. They can create easy-to-understand win-loss reports and use their newfound pipeline visibility to guide sales reps to more closed-won deals. 

2. Win more deals — and save those at-risk — by bringing context and account data into every sales conversation.

Since Gong’s data flows into HubSpot, it’s easy to create detailed reports in HubSpot that take into account every touch point across both tools. 

There are two primary ways for sales teams to bring in more revenue: 1) close more new deals and 2) save at-risk deals from slipping.

When it comes to closing new deals, sales reps can improve their outcomes by gathering information about a contact or company before they reach out. HubSpot makes it easy to quickly get a snapshot of the contact’s history. When you run virtual sales with the Gong App and the HubSpot CRM, you can automatically view all your previous call details in HubSpot. No more switching between platforms. 

Gong also identifies at-risk deals and then flags them so sales reps can step in, look through the deal profile in HubSpot or Gong, counter any doubts or objections, and close the deal. 

“Gong is amazing – it has helped us close more deals and identify risk in others to better manage our pipeline,” shared Ray Rhodes, a computer software professional at a small company in a review of the Gong App for HubSpot.

3. Tag team members about critical feedback to solve issues before they spiral.

Sales teams are juggling increasingly complex workloads and bigger territories, so it’s easy for issues and tasks to fall through the cracks. 

But Megan Gammie, a computer software professional, shared that Gong’s tagging function makes it easy to alert other team members to important customer feedback. This enables teams to intervene before questions turn into at-risk deals. 

4. Level up on training and learn from your peers. 

Sales teams are constantly learning about new products, new messaging, and new selling tactics. One of the best ways to learn is by watching sales peers and leaders conduct sales calls, battling objections and connecting with prospects and customers. But it’s not always easy to find the time to sit in on other peoples’ calls, and there’s no guarantee those calls will impart the right lessons. 

With Gong, you can easily share call recordings with your team to use them as a teaching tool. “Gong has allowed me to review other people’s calls to implement some of their skills into mine, as well as critique myself to see how I can improve everyday,” Spencer Wiese, a facilities services professional at a small company shared in a review of the integration.

“I use Gong mostly for coaching purposes, and for building a valuable library where my team can learn from the calls that are held by other team members as well as get feedback on their calls and turn weaknesses into strengths,” explained Pascale Mine, a computer software professional at a small company and HubSpot and Gong user. “It also helps me a lot when onboarding a new BDR.”

Plus, you can share call recordings and highlights with prospects and customers to ensure that everyone’s on the same page after a call. 

5. Share the voice of the customer with other teams.

Sales teams aren’t the only ones who benefit from access to call recordings. Iddo Avneri, who works in IT services, shared that he uses Gong to easily pass along unfiltered feedback to product and marketing teams. He’s able to quickly flag common objections and competitor features that might otherwise lead to lost business. 

Connect with Customers and Improve Sales Performance with the Gong App for HubSpot

By digging into the customer experience and using data-backed insights to train sales teams, companies can more effectively reach and engage new customers. “I use Gong almost daily to inform our marketing strategy and tactics,” Megan Gammie, a computer software professional added. “We love using Gong to gain deeper insight into the problems our customers are facing and take any necessary steps to improve our marketing and product.”

Learn how to leverage the Gong App for HubSpot to connect with customers and improve your sales team’s performance.

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