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Winning strategies to ramp and scale your team for global success

A Fireside Chat with Gong & Rippling Execs

On-demand Webinar

Whether you’re a leader in a global organization or looking to expand your global presence, you need the right people and processes in place to achieve success.

Winning leaders take it to the next step by leveraging critical technologies to elevate their people and processes so they can stay ahead of the curve. 

Join EMEA executives from Gong and Rippling as they share their firsthand experiences leading go-to-market teams within international organizations. Discover how they prioritize finding the right talent, leverage cutting-edge technology, and optimize processes to ramp and scale their global teams for success.

You’ll learn: 

  1. How to find, hire, and ramp talent that will fuel your organization
  2. How to break down barriers to foster growth on a global scale
  3. How to optimize your time as a leader using the right technologies

Featured speakers:

  • Lesley Ronaldson | VP, EMEA @ Gong
  • Spencer Wiedeman | VP, Global @ Rippling

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