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Maximizing Enablement’s Impact

Driving Success with Data, AI, and Revenue Intelligence

On-demand Webinar

In today’s data-driven world, Enablement leaders are constantly asked to prove the effectiveness of their initiatives, yet most still use outdated measures like activity metrics, surveys, and manual processes. 

To secure your seat at the table, you need to tie the impact of your enablement programs directly to organizational success and revenue growth—and the right technology to do that. 

Join us on May 29th as we talk to seasoned executive Nate Vogel, VP of Global Sales & Partner Enablement at Databricks and 2024 Golden Gong winner. He’ll share his expert take on how Enablement is changing and how he uses revenue intelligence at Databricks to prove the impact of his initiatives on the bottom line.

You’ll learn: 

  • How the field of Enablement is evolving—and how you don’t get left behind
  • What success metrics you should be tracking (spoiler, it’s not what you think) 
  • How to use AI-driven Revenue Intelligence to measure and demonstrate the impact of your enablement initiatives tied to revenue growth

Featured Speakers

Shane Evans CRO @ Gong
Nate Vogel Vice President, Global Sales & Partner Enablement @ Databricks 2024 Golden Gong Winner


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