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How to win mega deals with multi-threading done right

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Learn from Jamal Reimer, author of “Mega Deal Secrets,” who sold $160M in SaaS revenue


Personalization and multi-threading are critical to winning over prospects, especially in your big accounts.

In fact, our Gong Labs research shows that winning deals have (on average) at least 3 people from the buyer’s side participating in meetings, while lost opportunities often just have 1 stakeholder involved.

The problem is most sales teams don’t know how to multi-thread properly and “burn” potential opportunities.

Elevate your understanding of personalization and multi-threading with this exclusive webinar that delves into the art and science of multi-threading, featuring Jamal Reimer,  an influential mastermind in the enterprise seller community. 

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • The gaps in your team’s current sales engagement approach
  • How to demystify multi-threading in sales and win mega deals
  • The AI-driven personalization and multi-threading power of Gong Engage

Over the past 20 years, Jamal has closed multiple $50M deals, authored the best-selling book, “Mega Deal Secrets,” coached hundreds of ambitious sellers to sell the largest deals of their lives, and founded the Enterprise Sellers Community for individual contributors. 

Join this webinar to get your hands on his secrets!

Featured Speakers

Jamal Reimer Author & Founder Enterprise Sellers
Udi Ledergor Chief Evangelist Gong
Dan Morgese Senior Manager of Thought Leadership Gong

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