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How to sell to senior decision makers

When it comes to selling to the c-suite, you only get one shot. But the truth is, most sales pros aren’t equipped to nail these high-stakes meetings –– and it costs them their deal. 

That’s why we’re sharing data-backed insights that’ll help you master the most important meetings in your pipeline in just 30 minutes.

Featured speakers
Anjulika Saini Head of Mid Market Sales East,
LinkedIn Sales Solutions 
Devin Reed Head of Content Strategy Gong
How to get to “yes”

Uncover EXACTLY what senior execs like to hear before approving deals. Everything from using the right language to asking the right questions – this session shares real-life techniques and talk tracks proven to work with senior leaders.

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn​
  • The #1 mistake selling to senior leaders
    Get this wrong and you’ll over-complicate your deal and jeopardize the entire cycle.
  • How to talk the (leadership) talk
    Exact language and questions to use with senior leaders to get them to actually listen to you and take your pitch seriously.
  • How to win influence over dms
    A four-step framework for every call with c-level buyers that will equip you with the best-of-the-best persuasion tactics.


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