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How to sell to a CFO

An AMA with Gong’s CFO, Tim Riitters

April 10, 2024 at 8 AM PT

Welcome to part two of our ask-me-anything series! Join us for an opportunity to see Gong’s CFO, Tim Riitters, answer questions about how to prove ROI to your stakeholders.

No one knows ROI like Tim Riitters.

Tim is the renowned Chief Financial Officer at, which he joined after serving as the CFO at Pure Storage, Inc. He carries a wealth of experience from leading the finance teams at companies like Google, Deloitte, and Siebel Systems, to name a few. 

Tim has agreed to share his lessons learned in his first-ever AMA at Gong.

In just 45 minutes, you’ll hear Tim answer questions like:

  • What matters most when assessing the ROI of purchasing a new product or service?
  • What is “The rule of 40,” and how do you use it to understand your business’s financial sustainability and efficiency?
  • How can I leverage Gong to accurately forecast financial outcomes and communicate metrics that matter?

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