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How Influitive accelerated growth

With An Integrated Revenue Platform

If you want an efficient revenue organization that accelerates growth, you need to move beyond single-point products and solutions and unify your revenue teams and workflows on an integrated platform.   

Join this webinar and you’ll learn:

  • The latest market trends and brand new Gong data on tech stack overload, including the #1 challenge sales reps say they face today.
  • How the Influitive team increased productivity, impactful decision-making, and revenue attainment by unifying its revenue org on a single platform.
  • The benefits of anchoring your revenue workflows in a single platform, like increasing rep productivity 4X and driving +11% YoY revenue growth.

Featured Speakers
Daniel Ku, General Manager and Revenue Operations at Influitive
Sheena Badani, Head of Product Marketing at Gong


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