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Fuel AI with Winning Strategies to Own Revenue

Live Webinar | June 25 @ 12pm EST

Revenue leaders are pulling every growth and impact lever they can to produce results for their teams and the organization.

But are they working smarter — or just harder?

It’s not enough to leverage sales tech and conversational intelligence for efficiency. To truly drive impact at your organization and scale growth, you must fuel your AI tools effectively with the right inputs.

Why? Because the real magic happens when revenue leaders close the chasm between sales methodology and leading technology.

Join us for an action-packed webinar where we’ll flip the script and show you how to:

  • Harness the true potential of AI with specific inputs tailored to your business.
  • Quickly understand if your strategic decisions drive true growth so you can maximize frontline performance.
  • Steal winning strategies from industry leaders crushing it in today’s complex buying world.

Featured Speakers

Isabel Gillespie Director of Sales Major Accounts Challenger
Peter Zink Sr. Director of Revenue Enablement Sprout Social
Tucker Sjoblad Lead Partner Engineer Gong
Elvis Lieban Senior Product Marketing Manager Gong

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