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How to Unlock Predictable Growth


Your sales forecast is critical to the success of your organization and your career. But according to our recent study, only 29% of leaders agree that their current forecasting process produces accurate results. 

Today, the stakes for creating predictable revenue are higher than ever.  To help you drive predictable revenue, we’re hosting a 30-minute webinar to show you how to use the customer insights you already have at your fingertips to get complete visibility into at-risk deals, customer churn, and economic impact so that you can forecast with confidence.

Featured speakers
Dan Morgese Sr. Manager, Thought Leadership Gong
Sasha Singh Sr. Sales Engineer Gong
Join us for a 30 minute customer-exclusive webinar to
  • See brand new insights from Gong’s Reality of Forecasting Report to improve your forecasting accuracy
  • Discover the #1 problem that’s preventing you from confidently calling your number
  • Learn how Gong Forecast can transform your organization by adopting reality-based forecasting to drive productivity and efficiency 

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