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Building a world-class revenue team

An AMA with Gong’s CRO, Shane Evans

On-Demand Webinar

This is your opportunity to ask Gong’s CRO, Shane Evans, questions about how to build and run a dynamic go-to-market team in today’s competitive landscape!

Shane has led revenue organizations through every stage of growth, from smaller startups to multi-billion dollar enterprises like Talkdesk. He’s also led teams at MX, a fintech company where he doubled the revenue and scaled the sales and GTM teams. Shane was also at Qualtrics during its multi-billion dollar acquisition by SAP.

Put bluntly, Shane has some serious lessons to share. Join us to hear them!

In just 45 minutes, you’ll hear Shane answer questions about:

  • Developing and running a revenue generation strategy (for any stage of growth)
  • Getting strategic alignment on fast-growing teams
  • Focusing on sales processes that drive consistency and results
  • Managing change through strategic or market shifts

As a bonus, you’ll learn how Shane and his team use Gong to ensure the success of their new initiatives like MEDDICC, understand competitive differentiation in the market, and onboard new team members.

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