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5 key metrics for a reliable forecast


This is how you’ll deliver predictable revenue.

Tired of spending hours searching for — and often never finding — the data you need to drive predictable revenue? If you want to know whether you’re on track to hit your targets, you don’t need to combine data from dozens of tools or chase reps for CRM updates. There’s no need to reactively gather and analyze unreliable data when you could be proactively driving reliable revenue.

Join Shantanu Shekhar, Senior Director of GTM Operations at Gong, to learn the 5 key metrics he relies on to proactively spot and avoid risks and ensure predictable revenue.

Whether you’re forecasting new business, renewals, or cross-sells, you’ll learn which 5 metrics really make a difference, and how AI insights can improve the accuracy and reliability of your forecast. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Which metrics really matter (and which ones don’t)
  • How to operationalize metrics to drive your revenue performance
  • How AI metrics save time and improve your forecast accuracy

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