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The high-impact sales pitch template (with bonus scripts)

Sales and Revenue Operations

This 5-point template picks apart the secret ingredients of a winning sales pitch and includes scripts so you can weave it into your emails, calls, and sales presentations. Learn how top sellers frame their offering for maximum persuasive impact and supernatural win rates.

What you’ll learn

Use these psychological “shortcuts”

Learn how elite sellers use behavioral patterns and cognitive biases to produce maximum pitch effectiveness. 

Why 99% pitches are guaranteed to fail

Most sales pitches only work on pain-aware, solution-aware prospects. Learn how the top 1% of sales pitches hook potential buyers regardless of awareness.

Sell anything to anyone

These 5 core pitch ingredients are applicable to any product or service with a high price-point. Master them and become an unstoppable force of nature.

How to use the sales pitch template
  • Fill in the blanks
    Pick from a selection of formulas that will get you to frame your offer leveraging known psychological vulnerabilities.
  • Includes examples
    Use in-action examples to take basic formulas and craft them into a high-impact, fully-cohesive sales pitch.
  • Fit them into your script
    See how top performers unpack their sales pitch and incorporate the key ingredients at different moments in their email scripts and call scripts.

What’s included in the template + script
  • The 5 core ingredients
    Learn the building blocks that winning sales pitches all have in common. Craft your sales pitch by weaving them in.
  • Concrete examples
    See how each formula and template can be applied for maximum impact in your sales pitch.
  • 4 Ready-to-win scripts
    Plug your newly-formed sales pitch into your cold email, cold call, sales pitch, and elevator pitch scripts using these easy-to-remember, easy-to-use sales pitch scripts.


How do I use the sales pitch template?

The first part of the template is a simple fill-in-the-blanks formula to help you use these well-documented by not-yet-known psychological pathways that help sellers guide their prospects’ decision-making.

The second part of the template shows how to include your sales pitch into your sales scripts for cold outreach and customer-facing presentations.

What sales pitch scripts are included?

The PDF includes 4 sales scripts:

Elevator pitch script: Use it on social media (bio), when you introduce yourself, or when you’re giving a high-level pitch.

Cold call pitch script: Use this script for outbound cold calls.

Cold email template: Use this template to start your cold email cadence. 

Sales pitch script: Weave this into the start of your demo and when you meet a new stakeholder.

Who should use the sales pitch templates and scripts?

This template is designed for sales professionals (AEs, SDRs) looking to improve their sales pitch technique.

This template is also used by sales managers and sales enablement professionals who want to level-up their team’s pitches.


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