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8 unignorable sales follow-up email templates

Selling Skills

Emails going unopened, unread, and ignored? Mash that download button and get the science behind all that goes into a good sales follow-up email template. Use this template to engage and entice buyers during cold outreach and meeting follow-ups.

What you’ll learn:

Secrets to cold outreach

Use our data-backed follow-up email template to start booking more meetings from your outbound prospecting emails.

A+ follow-up emails

From prospecting to pre- and post-meeting, we show you how to write the best sales follow-up email, including insights into why each technique is proven  to work.

Data-backed insights

Far from our best guess, this follow-up email template is based on our deep analysis of hundreds of thousands of sales emails.

Best-in-class email tactics

Most sales emails never get read. Let alone answered. Learn persuasion techniques to help you book more meetings and sprint towards a close.

How to use the sales call template

  • Know the situation:
    This sales follow-up email template includes templates, tips, and tricks for both cold outreach and in-deal follow-up scenarios. Start by finding the template relevant to your particular follow-up email.
  • Copy, paste, and customize:
    Pull these fill-in-the-blank email templates directly into your email client, tailor them to your particular prospect (company name, pain point, etc.), and fire that bad-boy off!
  • Understand what goes into strong follow-up emails:
    Each sales follow-up template is presented alongside additional content, instructions, and best practices so you have all the why that goes into the what.

Get the follow-up email templates and learn:

Post-meeting follow-up

Everything that ought to go into email #1 in your post-meeting email cadence, including a CTA style that’s 2x more effective than just asking for a meeting.

Prospecting follow-up

A simple and informative template that uses the power of storytelling to drastically improve your likelihood of a positive response.

Pre-meeting email

Write pre-meeting emails that save time at the start of calls by introducing participants and giving buyers the opportunity to include another team member.

Day 1 cold email template

From subject line to interest CTA and everything in between, we show you how to get that first email opened and read by prospects.

Leading with insight

See why you need to introduce a learning or insight to position yourself as a trusted advisor, as well as examples that show you how to do it.

Loss aversion

This powerful copywriting technique leverages the fact that human beings are twice as likely to take action to prevent a loss than they are to obtain some benefit.

Tactical apology

By falling on your sword you can leverage empathy in your buyer. See how to use apologetic language as a persuasive tool in a good sales follow-up email.

3×3 research

For the the best follow-up email, use this simple research technique that yields info (headcount, growth rate, etc.) that can be used to tailor the email to those pain points.

And there’s so much more…

Making this the best sales follow-up email template we’ve ever offered.

Breath life into any follow-up email with these ready-to-use templates, scenarios, best practices, and examples, all of it based on the analysis of thousands of sales emails.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is a sales follow-up email template and which ones are included?

Ask any sales rep and they’ll tell you the importance of following up. But we’re not just talking about thank-you notes and birthday wishes. Our sales follow-up email template gives you the email script, rationale, data, and even cadence for two primary categories of sales follow-up emails: 

  • Cold outreach emails: A full prospecting cadence that shows you how to follow-up to cold outreach emails in a way that gets prospects to open and read.
  • In-deal follow-up emails: From pre- and post-meeting to prospecting follow-up, we cover the common in-deal scenarios in which a good sales follow-up email can be the difference between renewed momentum and the line going cold.
Who is the follow-up email template for?

While we wrote this template with sales reps and their managers in mind, we’ve found that any customer-facing professional can benefit from these tips. In fact, more than a few of our friends in customer success have been known to borrow a few techniques from this template for their own follow-up emails.

What makes for a good sales follow-up email?

It depends on the situation, but a good sales follow-up email tends to: 

  • Keep it simple and specific
  • Use words that sell 
  • Leverage “interest” CTAs
  • Tell stories and be informative
  • Use social proof correctly
  • Personalize every detail to the prospect’s pain points
Is there anything else included in the download?

Each copy/paste template is accompanied by an explanation of each part. If we’re telling you to include a stat or insight in the subject line, we’re also telling you why that approach works, as well as providing some examples. Each key part, play, or technique in the template is color coded to match its corresponding rationale—that way, you can easily skim for the context you need.

Beyond the template and scripts themselves, you’ll find some powerful data points to keep in mind. For example, did you know that response rates steadily decrease after the first interaction? Or that specific CTAs outperform every other type of CTA? We don’t just show you what goes into a good sales follow-up email template—we bring the receipts.

What other resources do you have for how to write an effective sales follow-up email?

First of all, we highly recommend starting with the How to Write Highly Effective Sales Emails webinar. Hundreds of people tuned into this webinar live to learn the secrets for writing persuasive sales emails that result in booked meetings and closed-won revenue. Then we made the recording and transcript available to you for free on our website.

The webinar touches on many of the 7 Laws of Highly Effective Sales Emails, a downloadable guide that you can also grab today. If those resources aren’t enough, we’ve also published 6 Cold Email Examples Are So Good You’ll Want To Steal Them (and of course, we strongly encourage you to do just that).


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