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3 Highly Effective Cold Calling Scripts

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Use these cold calling scripts to grab your prospects’ attention from “hello” to “talk next week.” Unlike other cold calling scripts, we analyzed 100K cold calls to learn what really works (and what doesn’t), so you can book more meetings.

What you’ll learn
  • Data-backed talk tracks
    These 3 cold-calling scripts use insights based on hundreds of thousands of calls.
  • Prepare for every scenario
    This 3-in-1 script includes cold call, voicemail, and follow-up email scripts to get the meeting.
  • Big call blitz energy
    Print the script. Put it on your desk in front of you. Hit the phones. And go book ‘em.
How to use these cold call scripts
  • Step in prepared
    The data is on your side: Boost your confidence and up your cold call game with these scripts.
  • Use these persuasive techniques
    Learn how top reps get more meetings from less dials using these techniques.
  • Book ‘em
    Use these closing questions to step away from your cold calls with a calendar full of qualified meetings.
What’s included in these scripts
  • Script #1
    Cold Calling Script: Use this data-backed script to run cold calls that break through the noise and move prospects to yes.
  • Script #2
    Voicemail Script: Prospect didn’t pick up? Drop this message after the tone to get the conversation started.
  • Template #3
    Follow-Up Email: Use this template email within 15 minutes of your voicemail to build momentum and land the meeting.


Who are these cold calling scripts for?

SDRs. SDR Managers. AEs. And sales teams looking to scale their outbound strategy and build more pipeline.

What different scripts are included?

You’ll receive 3 scripts: one for cold calls, one script for voicemails, and one template for cold call follow-up.

What is included in the scripts?

You’ll get a proven talk track, the data to back these cold calling tips, and instructions on how to adapt these scripts for your team.


Use these 3 cold calling scripts to book more meetings (and more $$).

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