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CFO Letter Template

This fill-in-the-blank template is designed to help your point of contact clearly and concisely articulate why their budget-holder should greenlight your deal

  • Ready to copy-paste
  • Proven persuasion techniques
  • Get your deal approved

Instant download. Start using it in seconds.

The next best thing to a silver bullet

There are no “sure things” but this template has proven itself time and again.

  • Step 1
    You download the Budget Approval Template. It’s free, instant, and proven.
  • Step 2
    Together, you and your point of contact fill out the template on a call or via email. It takes ~ 9 minutes.
  • Step 3
    Your point of contact sends it to their budget holder for the greenlight to buy.


It’s free, instant, and proven.

Thank you for your submission.