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The State of Sales Engagement

How industry-leading organizations create and accelerate pipeline

Buyer preferences have changed and revenue teams need to adapt.

In this report, we survey hundreds of revenue professionals, leaders, and buyers and share key findings that help revenue teams like yours set strategy and direction for 2023.

In this report, we dissect four trends that transform how buyers interact with your team, including:

  • The #1 challenge your sellers face when they use their current tool 
  • The initiative that 84% of your peers prioritized for 2023
  • How the best reps increase response rates to create more pipeline
  • Technology that increases productivity for 81% of organizations that invest in it

Here’s a sneak peek of what everyone’s up against:

  • Revenue teams crave better tools
  • Buyers demand more personalized outreach
  • Leaders struggle to prioritize their investments 


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