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43 Ultra-Specific Sales Qualifying Questions

Not every opportunity is the right fit for your company. Add these 43 ultra-specific sales questions to your qualification process to identify the right buyers and close bigger opportunities.

In this guide, discover data-backed ways to:

  1. Identify the right buyers
    Set your company up for success by identifying the right buyers. With these questions, you can focus your sales efforts on areas that have the most impact.
  2. Guide the conversation and establish your expertise
    Position yourself as a trusted advisor and ask questions that get your prospects to think about their problems in new ways.
  3. Boost your win rates
    Guide your prospects through the sales funnel. Learn how to present your solution and get more opportunities to take the next step.


How will these sales qualifying questions benefit me?

These ultra-specific sales qualification questions will help you lead more strategic discussions and get to the root of buyer needs. Some examples include:

  • Uncover quantifiable goals
    Discover what your prospects want to achieve and learn what success looks like. The answers you get will help you craft more compelling pitches.
  • Position your solution
    The right positioning communicates the value of your offer. Find out how to position your product or service as a solution to the challenges your prospects face.
  • Identify pain points and challenges
    Discussing budgets can be tricky. These questions help you see how much your prospects are willing to spend to solve their problems.
  • Discuss budgets
    Don’t jump straight into a sales pitch without learning your prospects’ pain points. Ask these questions to understand their biggest challenges.
  • Evoke longer responses
    You’ve qualified a prospect and they fit your customer profile. Find out how successful sales reps lay out clear next steps to boost their win rates.
  • Move more deals forward
    Longer responses often correlate to higher success rates. Use these simple question starters to get richer replies from each sales prospect.
  • Rephrase your questions
    How you phrase your sales questions matters. Learn how to word your questions in a way that gets prospects to divulge more about what they want and what their processes look like.
  • Improve your sales processes
    There’s always room for improvement. Add these questions to your sales playbook and watch your success rates soar.
What are some examples of sales qualifying questions?

In this comprehensive list, you’ll get sales qualifying questions that cover each stage of the buying journey. They’re grouped into the following categories:

  • Authority Questions: Find out who has the final authority to make buying decisions.
  • Metrics Questions: Discover the quantifiable goals that potential customers want to achieve and what success looks like to them.
  • Team Questions: Ask these questions to learn more about your prospects and their team.
  • Technical and Process Questions: Get prospects to share details about their business processes.
  • Need Questions: Use these sales qualifiers to uncover your prospects’ needs.
  • Timing Questions: Get an approximate time frame for when potential customers are looking to buy.
  • Process Questions: Learn your prospects’ internal buying process during sales conversations and the next steps for getting decisions approved.
  • Criteria Questions: Understand exactly what criteria are important to your prospects so you can tailor your sales pitch accordingly.
  • Pain Questions: Uncover prospects’ pain points and learn what their biggest challenges are.
  • Budget Questions: Learn how much your prospects are willing to spend to solve their problems.
  • Next Steps: Ask these questions to build momentum and turn more opportunities into conversions.
How can I put these questions to use immediately?

These questions help with 3 critical focus areas. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create an ideal customer profile
    You need a clear picture of who your ideal customers are. Create an ideal customer profile and share the details with your sales team.
  • Equip your sales team
    Download this list of questions and add them to your sales qualification process. They’ll help your sales team identify the right buyers for your business. 
  • Fill your pipeline
    Stop wasting time on customers that aren’t right for your business. Qualify prospects early in the sales process and fill your sales pipeline with high-quality opportunities.
Who are these sales qualifying questions for?

These questions are perfect for the following groups:

  • Sales managers: Use these questions to augment your sales processes. Provide these resources to your sales teams to boost your chances of long-term success.
  • Sales reps: Struggling with low-win rates? These sales qualifying questions help you identify the most promising opportunities, so you can spend more time on closing.
What format are the sales qualifying questions sent in?

You’ll receive this list of effective sales questions in a single PDF. Open it in your web browser or save it to your desktop for easy access.

Why are sales qualifying questions important?

Qualifying questions are questions that you ask to determine whether a prospect is a good fit for your products or services. They’re typically open-ended questions, which get prospects to shed more light on their needs and decision-making process.

Here are a few examples of open-ended sales questions:

  • “What goals are you hoping to achieve and what is your time frame?”
  • “What solutions have you tried in the past to resolve your [pain point]?”
  • “What’s prompting you to solve your [pain point] now?”
Why is qualifying important in sales?

Qualifying is important because it helps you identify prospects that are a good fit for your products or services. If a potential prospect has requirements that you can’t meet, they’re not the right fit. By qualifying prospects early on, your reps can focus on opportunities that are more likely to convert (and not waste valuable time on unqualified prospects).

What is a qualified prospect?

A qualified prospect is a potential customer that has gone through the sales qualification process. They also fit your ideal customer profile (ICP) — a description of the type of company that benefits from your solution. Focusing on qualified leads is key to driving long-term business growth.

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