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The sales book master list

“Best sales book ever written.” “Required reading for my team.” “Never Split The Difference transformed my career.” Generations of sales leaders have pored over their words. Apply their techniques and you’ll wake up to a radically different life in a few short years.

What you’ll learn
  • Must-have sales skills
    Presentation, persuasion, negotiation: all of the foundational techniques are mapped out in these books.
  • Fundamental truths about selling
    As long as people are people, these truths will remain set in stone. Learn the psychological patterns and vulnerabilities that elite salespeople rely on to close deals.
  • The sales hall of fame
    Sales leaders bring up these 11 books daily. All it takes is having read them once to understand why that’s still the case decades after publishing.
What’s included
  • Legendary authors
    We included nothing but the best-selling, heavy-hitting sales books on this list. If you were to read 11 sales books and not one more, this list is for you.
  • Career-changing books
    Yesterday and today’s sales leaders grew their career with timeless wisdom in these books. And so will tomorrow’s generation of sales leaders.m
  • Get your copy
    Includes links to paper, digital, and audible editions. Add them to your wishlist (or buy them for the office) to up your game.


Invest in yourself: learn from the best-of-the-best sales books.

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