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How to sell to a CFO: 5 ways to get them on your side

CFOs make or break your deal. Learn how to drive financial conversations the right way.

You know the deal. The economy hits the brakes and so do finance teams. CFOs start examining every dollar spent.

This usually translates to:

  • More questions
  • Slower closer time
  • Fewer deals

But the savvy salesperson knows how to speak finance. They know the importance of recruiting the CFO onto their side and positioning the sale as a win-win for the organization. 

In this cheat sheet, find 5 ways to get the CFO on your side. This includes data-backed tips, such as:

  1. How to start the conversation
  2. How to link your offering to their key financial metrics
  3. How to coach champions (to win over finance)
  4. How to negotiate like a boss
  5. How to ensure a smooth implementation


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