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6 Steps to Ace Empathetic Listening in Sales

Empathy is like a sales superpower. Use it right and you’ll build rapport with buyers, get insights into their business, and box out the competition. These 6 steps are used by high-skill, high-pay sales pros to crank up empathy to 11.

What you’ll learn
  • Become a natural
    You either have it or you don’t, right? Wrong: use these conversation cues and psychological signals to build your empathy muscle.
  • Pick up habits from master conversationalists
    Rapport-building is still the #1 skill in sales. High-netting sales reps use these habits to get buyers on their side and get ahead in their deals.
  • Get buyers to feel heard
    Hesitant buyers lean on their personal connection to make purchasing decisions. This is how you can connect with these buyers without scaring them off.
How to use it
  • Dial up your emotional IQ
    Don’t wait for in-person meetings to get a head start. These techniques are the quickest way to create empathy – even while selling remote.
  • Unlock buyer intel
    Once you use these cues and send the right signals, you’ll access a wealth of insights into your buyer’s organization and map your solution to their expectations.
  • Box out the competition
    Step into negotiations with a home-field advantage by creating rapport that can’t be undermined by discounts, features, or gimmicks.


Dodge the “just another vendor” trap and get an in with buyers.

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