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The closing week bundle

Get down to business with our most downloaded closing techniques.

Quota-carriers: we all know what’s coming. Pricing conversations. Budget approval. Closing calls. Prepare for closing week with techniques used by sales masterminds and backed by Gong data.

Here’s what’s included
  • How to “talk price”
    Learn how to frame the pricing conversation, and what to do immediately after explaining your price (hint: almost no one does this).
  • Use this to unfreeze budget
    Discover how to win over budget-holders and get your deal approved by end of week.
  • What closers do differently
    Get a master class in how to control the buying process, illuminati-style (minus, you know, the conspiracy stuff).
How to use the closing week bundle
  • Template
    It’s like mad-libs for getting deals approved.
  • Cheat sheet
    Print that bad boy and keep it on your (home) desk.
  • Training video
    Watch and rewatch between calls.


Like a revolving door: just keep closing.

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