Maximize your go-to-market team’s potential

What sets top performers apart? Which deals have the most risk?

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5 Wildly-effective strategies that increase win rates

Want your team to have a record-breaking quarter? Focus on the deals already in your pipeline. We analyzed 10,332 sales deals and uncovered the 5 things high-performing teams do differently. Use these tactics and your win rates will soar to an all-time high. 

How to use the checklist​

  • Close in-pipeline deals
    Strapped for resources or pipeline (or both)? Do more with what you have and boost win rates across all of your deals. Your team will be taking victory laps in no time.
  • Build a quota-crushing team
    Designed specifically for results-driven revenue leaders, these quick-win tactics will take your team’s performance to a new level.
  • Stop losing winnable deals
    Deploy these tactics and win more of your team’s hard-fought deals. Hint: this is how you maximize your rep output.


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