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The Art of the Possible with Gong Data Cloud

May 9, 2023
Mason Johnson

Mason Johnson

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The reporting process is challenging daunting laborious arduous.

Pick your favorite adjective. Reporting is not easy. It takes work.

Why? Simply put, many organizations lack up-to-date business data because of a reliance on manually entered/collected data. 

This means sales leaders and senior executives base critical business decisions on partial and inaccurate information that quickly goes stale.

No good.

Without visibility into leading indicators from the field, it’s too late to course-correct when initiatives, pipelines, or team performance fails to meet goals.

Those days are gone.

Introducing: Gong Data Cloud with Snowflake, a comprehensive view of your data like never before.

Gong Data Cloud (GDC) brings Gong’s rich customer & seller interaction data into your business intelligence tool. Even better? Gong goes beyond activities to include insights into what was actually said. 

Unlock answers to critical business questions such as:

  • Are my go-to-market strategies landing?
  • How can I increase rep productivity?
  • Which accounts are most at risk?

And more. All in real-time, at scale.

What does Gong Data Cloud look like in real life?

The art of the possible with Gong’s Data Cloud: a few examples

Imagining how your organization would use GDC is fun but not as useful as practical, real examples, right?

Here are a few: 

1. Rep activity by account size

This is an example of something we used Gong Data Cloud for at … Gong!

In our quest to “achieve more with less,” we needed to segment our reps by inputs and outputs. So we ran an analysis to better understand if we were over- or under-investing resources in certain areas.

With Gong’s full picture of all seller interactions, we were able to quickly visualize activity against account size in order to spot inefficiencies. 

This view allowed us to swiftly and effortlessly (and visually) understand which accounts were over-resourced.

Alternatively, it’s very obvious which accounts may benefit from more touch-points and resources.

The end result: We shifted resources appropriately in order to make the most of every rep on our team.

2. Win rate by sales methodology used, by sales stage

Gong’s Trackers (and new-ish Smart Trackers) helps teams understand if strategic initiatives are effective. 

Smart Trackers helped a Gong client uncover that its sales cycles were stalling in the “Presentation 2” stage. Increasing the conversion rate at that stage would have a significant impact on closing new deals. 

They launched a new objection-handling methodology and saw a substantial increase in conversion rate at that stage of the sales process.

Being able to see these early indicators allows organizations to quickly adapt to reinforce positive signals or iterate on what’s having a negative impact. There is no need to wait until the “targets missed postmortem” to understand the success of strategic initiatives.

3. Account risk from customer interactions

Accurately predicting churn is hard. Especially when you are missing some (or many) of the signals — different at every organization. 

Gong empowers your team to leverage your knowledge of your business to confidently predict which customers are at risk and which ones are ready for an upsell.

Gong not only tracks what your team says but also the topics most important to your customers.

Armed with this data, it’s easy to correlate conversation topics with churn. 

This client identified four Gong metrics that are top predictors of churn for their organization:

  1. 1. Competition
  2. 2. Objections
  3. 3. Price Discussions
  4. 4. Touchpoints

With these predictors in mind, each account is assigned a churn risk score. This, in turn, helps identify high, medium, and low-risk accounts … which makes it easy to prioritize at-risk accounts by account team or deploy a special task force to increase adoption and reduce the chance of churn.

Those are just a few of the use cases for taking full advantage of the Gong Data Cloud. 

We are ready for you to create more …

I’m sold. I’m ready. Now what?

It’s time to securely share Gong data into your Snowflake instance … in minutes, with no code.

From there, you can combine data with other critical inputs, analyze and create visualizations in business intelligence tools, and surface insights that enable leaders to make more informed decisions.


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