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Revenue Success Secrets From Today’s Top CROs

Sales Management

The position of CRO is relatively new to most organizations and most are still hashing out the role’s nuances.

That said, a few outstanding CROs have demonstrated an ability to drive revenue growth while aligning the sales, marketing, and customer success functions.

Ever wondered how those folks succeed? We did too.

We teamed up with Drift and OpenView to ask some of the top SaaS CROs to share their secrets. Three themes emerged in their answers: They focus on people success, deal success, and strategy success.

What do each of these mean?

CROs are obsessed with continually up-leveling their teams’ skills to achieve people success. They inspire high engagement and loyalty by ensuring their sales leaders have the heart and ability to coach their reps to be better.

Successful CROs also know how to achieve deal success. They establish a clear sales process and ensure their teams adhere to the steps that consistently move deals to close.

And finally, the best CROs use a clear plan to achieve strategy success. They are masters at determining what is most important now and aligning needed resources to execute with great focus..

You will see these 3 themes behind the tips our 15 SaaS CROs offered on how they do their jobs exceptionally well.

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