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Introducing the Mobile App

Product News

Get your ears on every call, from wherever you are, with the Mobile App

    It’s Saturday night as I write this and my wife is not impressed. I’ve been listening to call recordings on Gong’s brand new Mobile App for two hours straight! Yep… it’s here. Say goodbye to listening to podcasts and audiobooks during your commute and long flights. We’ve been hard-at-work bringing you our brand new mobile app. Now you can listen to sales calls during your commute, at the gym, and even during your flight (oh yes… “offline listening” is a thing). We’re so excited to bring this to you: the first-ever mobile app that allows you to review sales calls seamlessly! Our goal is to bring you the power of conversation intelligence from the shackles of your desktop to the road.  

With the Mobile App, you can:

  • Review calls on the go: Kill two bird’s with one stone during your morning jog or commute. Get that cardio… AND your daily dose of call review.
  • Stay on top of every deal: Get real-time push notifications when “key moments” are happening during the sales conversations across your team.
  • Respond in real-time: Give and receive real-time coaching and feedback. Get push notifications when your team mentions you in comments, and submit your feedback directly from the mobile app’s interface.
  But hey – don’t take my word for it. Our current users are raving about it!  

Key Features

  • Fast listening speed: Binge through multiple sales calls during your commute or workout by listening at 1.5x or 2x speed.
  • Offline listening: Review sales calls from anywhere, including that long flight you have coming up.
  • Push notifications: Receive instant alerts when someone tags you in a comment, requests coaching feedback, and more.
  • Collaboration: Make comments, request feedback, and share calls directly from the Mobile App itself!
  • …And many more of the other wonderful features of the web app!

Availability and How to Get Started

The Mobile App has just been released from beta and is now accessible to all customers on both iTunes and Google Play. Additional features and improvements will continually be shipped to make your experience better and better. Ready to start getting your ears on any call from wherever you are? Download the app now or contact your Customer Success Manager to get started today. Not a customer yet? Go here to request a demo so you can talk to sales and get started with Gong!   –

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