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Ignite a reality revolution: Turn your data into action


Celebrating Four Years of Revenue Intelligence

Over the last four years since Gong launched Revenue Intelligence, we’ve enabled thousands of business professionals to know what’s really happening in customer conversations. The results have been nothing short of amazing! Plus, they are also hugely inspiring for Gongsters. We are incredibly thankful to our raving fans. Their enthusiastic LinkedIn posts and thank you’s abound on social media, showcasing the power of Gong and the impact of having reality at your fingertips. To our customers, we are forever grateful.

The Necessity of Data in Business Decision Making

Running your business without facts and data is like navigating without a map. Whether you’re an individual contributor, manager, or executive, you need to know your true reality of what is happening and where you are headed. Data is a clear guide. But collecting and analyzing data is labor-intensive. Current methods of data collection often rely on our internal teams manually inputting data into cumbersome systems. Even when people input the data, it’s hard to wade through the massive pools of it to decipher insights and trends. This is why most people lack visibility into their customers, markets, and revenue. Gong aims to change this, providing and empowering people with clarity.

The Global Impact of the Reality Revolution

Since Gong’s founding, we have heard from legions of customers all over the world who shared how important reality has become to their success. These stories are not limited to just individual salespeople and front-line leaders. Gong has spread across teams, divisions, markets, and the globe. What can best be described as a ‘Reality Revolution’ has transformed way beyond just go-to-market teams, helping companies make smarter decisions. Customer Success teams use Gong. Marketers use Gong. Product teams use Gong. Entire organizations use Gong. This trend is invigorating and inspiring.

Evolving Gong’s Brand and Mission

Gong’s mission statement and messaging should reflect this new trend spreading globally across the business world. Our brand must showcase Gong as a transformative and strategic partner for our largest enterprise customers, both within the revenue organization and beyond. Gong is much more than Revenue Intelligence. Our team felt it was time to shed our startup skin and replace it with a more sophisticated, confident visual brand and messaging that better conveys our maturity and vision. It is time for the next chapter in Gong’s growth. Our new mission statement will guide us. We hope you like it.

Gong’s Mission:

Unlock reality to help people and companies reach their full potential

The Future of Gong’s Reality Revolution

From this day forward, Gongsters will support the success of our raving fans across the entire business, helping our customers operate in a reality-based, autonomous, and aligned manner. We’ve ignited a Reality Revolution, not just for individuals, but across the spectrum of revenue efforts, go-to-market teams, customer success, product, and entire organizations. Everyone will reap the benefits of a wholesome dose of reality.

Commitment to Innovation and Customer Success

Our Reality Revolution also depends on our continued and steadfast focus on product innovation, accelerating efforts and development on our AI engine, dependable security, ease of use, enterprise scalability, and a whole host of great new products and features to better serve our global and enterprise customers.

With this new mission and brand identity in place, we are well positioned to support our loyal customers as they grow and expand adoption across teams, industries, and geographic regions. Thank you to our raving fans who have joined us on our early journey and to our future raving fans who we promise to serve. We look forward to partnering with you in this next step of our Gong journey (as Amit would say) “To Infinity and Beyond.”

-Kelly Wright

 President & COO at Gong

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