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Gong Labs Live: The 3-Step Process to Handle ANY Sales Objection

November 5, 2019
Devin Reed

Devin Reed


Sales objections are inevitable.

Let’s face it: If your prospect didn’t have objections (whether about price, value, or relevance), they would have already signed the deal.

The most successful sales reps know how to overcome objection.

And while there are lots of objection handling techniques, there’s one you probably don’t know about (but should).

It’s called “the squeeze” and it’s a three-step process that will ensure that you 1) handle any objection, and 2) book the meeting.

In episode 18 of Gong Labs Live, Devin Reed and Adam Ochart break down the squeeze so you can handle sales objections like a pro.

Learn specific, proven closing techniques like mirroring, questioning, and crafting a strategic call to action to help you handle whatever sales objections come your way.

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