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Gong Recognized for AI Leadership with Spot on Forbes AI 50 List

April 12, 2023
Eilon Reshef

Eilon Reshef

At Gong, AI is in our DNA – and it has been since day one. Amit and I started Gong in 2015 because we knew AI had advanced and was getting to the point where it could capture and understand sales conversations. We saw enormous potential to help revenue teams and sift through all the knowledge–which at the time only resided in people’s heads–and help organizations make better decisions and drive growth through surfacing actionable insights and recommendations tailored specifically to their businesses. 

Recognition by Forbes AI 50

So today, we are proud to share that Gong was named to the Forbes AI 50 list – a list of 50 privately-held companies that are doing innovative work in artificial intelligence. This is the third time Gong has been recognized on this list. This year, nearly 800 submissions were received globally, and the winners were selected by Forbes along with Sequoia Capital and Meritech Ventures. 

State of AI in the Current Market

We are at a critical juncture for enterprise AI. Forbes notes, “While the rest of venture capital suffers from the market pullback, the AI sector has boomed.” Gartner projects slowed growth in worldwide enterprise IT spend this year vs. last year – but at the same time, dollars are being reallocated to high-promise areas, like AI. According to IDC, global spending on AI will reach $154 billion in 2023, an increase of 26.9% over the amount spent in 2022. 

Gong’s AI Engine and Its Capabilities

Gong’s AI engine is trained specifically for revenue teams. We’ve trained our models on multiple types of video calls, phone calls, emails, accounts and deals. As a result, our platform provides a deep understanding of customer interactions, insights that are four times more accurate than any other solution provider’s. What’s more, Gong is the only provider that lets its customers’ business users train their own LLM-based models to guide Gong to identify concepts unique to them. And now, our AI leadership extends to generative AI, where our proprietary model creates highly personalized and contextualized content, such as prospecting emails and meeting summaries, which significantly increase team productivity and efficiency. 

The Future of AI and Gong’s Vision

AI has accelerated with great velocity since Gong’s inception, and I’ve never been more excited about its potential to transform revenue teams. 

For more information on the Forbes AI 50 2023, and to see the full list, click here


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