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Gong Labs Live: 3 Reasons Friction in Your Sales Conversations is a Good Thing

Devin Reed December 10, 2019

You’re on a sales call that just feels…off.

Maybe your prospect doesn’t believe what you’re saying. Maybe they’re hesitant to take the next step.

You can feel the tension on the line.

Any kind of pushback can be intimidating. And many times, sales reps will start to back away when they feel friction.

They get timid.

We get it. Friction is uncomfortable. But friction isn’t always a bad thing (wait, what?).

In episode 15 of Gong Labs Live, Devin Reed and Alex Vasan detail three reasons why friction in your sales calling is actually a good thing. Plus, they cover closing techniques and other sales tips for success so you can handle awkwardness and come out on top.

Devin Reed

Devin Reed is the Head of Content Strategy at Gong - the #1 Revenue Intelligence Platform for Sales.