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Jane Menyo August 19, 2021

Why half the ‘Forbes Cloud 100’ list
uses Gong for growth

How does Forbes find upcoming leaders for its annual Cloud 100 list, which ranks the world’s top private cloud companies? It evaluates numbers in market leadership, operating metrics, valuation, and company culture.

Gong is honored to be on the 2021 Forbes Cloud 100 list, and we’re even more excited to be featured alongside 49 of our amazing customers. That’s right. There are 49 Gong users on the Forbes list this year.

Plenty of people have asked us what it takes — in addition to a little magic — to become a fast-growing cloud company. We see a strong connection between our Forbes ranking and our commitment to revenue intelligence.

What’s revenue intelligence? It’s technology that gives sales leaders insight into what’s really happening inside their teams’ deals. It uses AI to capture and assess every customer interaction sales reps have with buyers, and gains insights from near-real-time market feedback (i.e., customers’ unfiltered voices). 

As the leading provider of revenue intelligence, Gong gives revenue teams the clarity they need to make better deal-related decisions. It also offers guidance on next moves that drive successful outcomes, improves productivity through automation, and boosts collaboration by aligning go-to-market functions.

As much as we’re floating on our Cloud 100 nomination, we’re also celebrating the 49 other Cloud 100 companies who use Gong to flourish. Here’s how a few of them use our revenue intelligence platform for growth across varying departments:

The business operations platform, ServiceTitan (#8), uses Gong to win as much new business as possible through better sales pitches and more.

“I didn’t realize there were so many ways to investigate how you hold a sales call. We’ve used other sales analysis tools in the past, but never anything with as much meat on it as Gong. I’m constantly learning something new that’s beneficial and that we didn’t know about.” – Billy Stein, Sales Strategy & Operations Manager

Samsara (#19) is leading the Industrial IoT revolution and investing in the development of its growing sales force. 

“With Gong, I’ve been able to easily and proactively coach my reps because I  have quick access to calls and better insight into reps’ call behaviors. I use those insights to help coach and improve their skills.” – Mike Deluca, Sales Manager

Leading payroll, benefits, and HR company, Gusto (#25), uses Gong to get insights into its market’s needs and enhance its product offering. 

“Gong has been a game-changer for how we gather product insights. There is no better source for understanding who you serve than listening to them. Gong allows us to do this and more by using filters to test our hypotheses.” – Alejandro Flores, Revenue Operations

Developer security company, Synk (#39), also ensures that the voice of its customer is shared directly with its product team.

“Gong has been an incredible tool. We use it for coaching and we also like to use the snippets feature to relay product insights and needs from our prospects and customers to our engineering and product teams, which is super powerful.” – Amanda Parks, Director of Enterprise Sales

Reps love using Gong too. ThoughtSpot (#42), Highspot (#46), and Yotpo (#52) have all helped their individual contributors. 

“Ramping up with Gong compared to how I did it in the past — it’s just night-and-day different. I think it takes about a year for most reps to really feel comfortable at a new company. When you have a tool like this, you can listen to the best people and ramp up much faster as a rep.” – Patrick Clement, Enterprise Account Executive, ThoughtSpot

“Gong is an incredible tool that saves our team a lot of time and energy. Sellers love Gong because the AI gives them valuable feedback and basic coaching.” Thomas B, Strategic Account Executive, HighSpot

“Gong is one of the most useful tools I’ve ever used. Gong is an incredibly helpful training tool to be able to shadow calls across the company at your own leisure, which is particularly useful for new hires.” – Jordan B, Corporate Account Executive, Yotpo

Product-led organizations like Pendo (#59) recognize how revenue intelligence gives them a competitive edge in the market. 

“Gong has given us insights so we can competitively attack the market better. We’re able to train and validate that our training is actually working with our reps; that they’re not just internalizing it, but actually applying it correctly.” – Michael Hoy, Director of Corporate Sales 

Growth insights don’t stop at sales and development. The marketing team at Workato (#87) taps into data insights to get the reality it needs for growth.  

“I’m thrilled that we no longer need to rely on anecdotes. Gong allows us to analyze the data, listen to the calls, and “see the emotions” on the other end of the phone. This helps us make much more strategic decisions based on these data.” – Bhaskar Roy, Head of Growth and Marketing

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Jane Menyo